6 Celebrity Tips for a Summer Beach Body

Jessica Alba, Kerry Washington and other Hollywood stars reveal their secrets to US Weekly.
2:10 | 05/24/13

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Transcript for 6 Celebrity Tips for a Summer Beach Body
corner but if your body is not bikini red day fashion ah. We have some help for you. "Us" magazine is sharing some of hollywood stars' secrets of getting slim and sexy from gisele to j. Lo. Diana perez has the story. Reporter: They are the biggest stars on the red carpet and the catwalk and with the unofficial start of summer this weekend, the latest issue of "us weekly" is celebrating the hottest bods and giving us their secrets. Actress and mom jessica alba sticks to organic food, mostly fruits and vegetables. It's done. Reporter: Kerry washington says her fitness routine is hardly a scandal. Constantly seeing herself on posters and the silver screen is motivation enough to stay fit thanks to pilates and eating well. I mean they have all the motivation in the world and photographed, video on line, BLOGS, TVs, MOVIES SO THEY'RE Always being looked at and always looked at critically. ♪ Reporter: "Nashville" star connie britton has raw foods and her co-star eats every two hours, nuts and fruits. We know grazing is better than gorging, better for your appetite, metabolism. Reporter: Some of the sexiest belong to the ladies who own the runway all year long. Giselle bunch done says no to sugar and adrianna lima does a twice a day routine including kick boxing and j. Lo and gwyneth paltrow, tracy anderson whose intense workouts combine strength and cardio. She seems to be the fitness guru at the moment. All the big a-listers turn to her to get the body of their dreams. Reporter: Super hot bodies to get us ready for a super hot summer. For "good morning america," diana perez, abc news, new york. And to see which other celebrities made the hottest bodies list, you can go to our website, goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! I was that close. That, yeah close. Let's go out to lara who is already in central park with the

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{"id":19249609,"title":"6 Celebrity Tips for a Summer Beach Body","duration":"2:10","description":"Jessica Alba, Kerry Washington and other Hollywood stars reveal their secrets to US Weekly.","url":"/GMA/video/weight-loss-exercise-tips-celebrity-tips-summer-beach-19249609","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}