Weight-Loss Secret Found in Carbs?

Book explains how eating particular carbohydrates might help you lose weight.
2:02 | 03/22/12

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Transcript for Weight-Loss Secret Found in Carbs?
-- received -- letter word of dining. Don't worry about that out. But a new book may change the way you. You think about -- they're not all -- the key is finding the right ones to EA BC's Andrea canning explains. Wanna fit into those skinny jeans and it's time to stop mindlessly inhaling the breadbasket and snacking on candy. But you don't have to go completely carb free. -- I think alcohol is good for you in moderation if you get the freshly squeezed teams it's it's always good. According to a new book aptly named red is -- double certain cards are our friends. Offering nutritionist Heather bowers at -- -- fairway market on New York city's upper east side. To show us the Angel -- -- -- that could sabotage our diet. What are some of the worst car fell apart the democratic could be a bad back pitch that they felt like an apparent have to keep it handy -- But some so called double -- and surprise you. These hundred calorie snack -- seemed like such a good idea are they really just let yourself I think -- in the -- -- great. Do tend to gravitate starts to treat my packages and we -- -- 400 calories. So -- have the will -- -- just want to stick with this snack -- Another double car and juice presser V get a lot more -- -- again and feel a lot more emaciated minute you have been missing. Gotta have your OJ to make sure it's a 100% fruit juice and we're ounces or less another seemingly healthy food cereal there's a lot of bad cereals and Pontiac there's a lot of that -- -- even the ones that. Had these kind of claims they may reduce class. We have good for energy -- has. Plaques that complained Johnson that's an advantage -- -- for you if you must have your o.s for breakfast look for ones that have five or more grams of fiber. It's the fiber that keeps you feeling full -- you -- less. -- -- -- -- Well not all bread is the double. Many baked -- again you want to look for the benefit us and I am very. -- head of grain and there's a lot of crazy prices -- district eighty calorie. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Another shocker Angel heart alcohol -- -- alcohol was -- If you one glass of wine when my -- in -- vodka and -- Actually the evidence of freebies so how that -- flying car last Angel car you can find in the freezer. -- present it as an Angel card because he gives an opportunity each -- -- normally give yourself but it's a finance person familiar looking at -- and 150. Calories. She would never getting your husband -- yourself -- ordinary. Frozen dinners not enough for you brought -- up with steamed vegetables. And remember if you're trying to diet don't cut out -- just keep them healthy ones. Good Morning America injury -- ABC news new. And for a shopping list of healthy -- products plus suggestions for summertime snacks and treats head to our website morning America dot com on Yahoo!.

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{"id":15977735,"title":"Weight-Loss Secret Found in Carbs?","duration":"2:02","description":"Book explains how eating particular carbohydrates might help you lose weight.","url":"/GMA/video/weight-loss-secret-found-carbs-15977735","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}