Which Plate Color Will Help You Lose Weight?

New research finds the color of your dishes may help you control your weight.
3:37 | 12/02/11

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Transcript for Which Plate Color Will Help You Lose Weight?
It would shed some -- forget about all look bad diets the solution may be as simple as changing -- plate you're using the latest research shows the collar. Under dishes could be the key to controlling your way. Our chief health and medical editor doctor were to pass to put the theory to test. The color your place in the numbers in the studio could be connected. Is it possible. Come with us to New York City restaurant -- -- run by -- sneak a look at Marcello. And -- along with -- -- call and talk about you don't know that is forget about -- the Chinese restaurant. Marcello was playing social scientists today cooking up both the delicious meal -- a bit immature test. -- unsuspecting guests think they're here for free lunch. They have no idea the extent of hiding in the back room the -- -- getting it constant threats us missy. More food on the red plate or more food but -- rightly remember. -- -- -- Put red food on -- white plate and you can clearly see how much you got. But when the late this same color as the food marinara sauce and a red plate you assert yourself. More if there's less contrast because the same amount appears smaller. -- then you're more likely to give want to get the same effect. The experiment begins. -- I think -- don't have to get white plates have to read. And then we have them fill the -- for someone else at the table. We don't want -- -- -- to get in the way of our test. But before each -- hits the table we steal it and wait. To see which color plates have more food -- pounds three ounces are diners get suspicious that your content on this. Yeah right. -- -- -- -- -- -- she's doing a good. Hopefully never gets -- pepper. This moment kind of motion sensor. Plus five ounces -- -- four. Very interesting. Time for my big entrance hello yeah. Thank you so much -- for coming I've got to -- -- from Good Morning America. We were all part of an experiment. We just did a little science here and you knew it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's a new study out that says the color of your plate. We'll set this the amount of food you put on -- so we did an experiment to see if you all would put more on red plates that you put on white plates. -- and -- -- know we found. -- what's Good Morning America. And so what did we learn I was really surprised it turned up people with the red plates -- an average of two ounces more of the -- -- people with a white plates. And it might now sad it that when that sound like fun but it can add up over time two ounces of this pasta is 200 calories which over the course of a month. Would add up to two pounds over the course of the year Robin that would add up to 24 pounds just from the color replace that's up but course we can't have. All multi colored -- that's so -- a one -- particular. That helps yesterday the key is contrast -- so I would recommend going with a white plate because when you're gonna have more food to contrast to that. The coast to avoid would be read her gold you like our addition you can see that the most in the in different types of producer -- -- -- arm around mom Lewis had gold plates for Thanksgiving. It yeah. And everything we would hope that you're gonna get it -- not that the Irish fascinating thanks a lot.

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"New research finds the color of your dishes may help you control your weight.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15072461","title":"Which Plate Color Will Help You Lose Weight?","url":"/GMA/video/weight-loss-secrets-food-depending-plate-color-15072461"}