Weinstein allegedly used ex-spies to silence accusers

New Yorker contributor Ronan Farrow shares bombshell details from his new report about Harvey Weinstein's alleged use of private investigators to try and stop the publication of abuse allegations.
5:48 | 11/07/17

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Transcript for Weinstein allegedly used ex-spies to silence accusers
We begin with that new "New Yorker" article about Harvey Weinstein alleging he hired private investigators including former spies to try and stop the publication of abuse allegations. We'll talk to the reporter, Ronan farrow in a moment but first ABC's linsey Davis has the story. Reporter: Good morning. Sex, spies and audiotape. This report has all the makings of the kind of box office blockbuster Weinstein was known for. According to the article, Weinstein spent a lot of time and money on attempted character assassinations of his accusers. This morning, a new potentially damning report in "The new Yorker" detailing the lengths movie mogul Harvey Weinstein allegedly took in an attempt to silence his accusers. In the article published Monday night contributor Ronan farrow alleges that Weinstein hired several of the world's largest private security agencies to gain, compile and discredit information on his accusers before their allegations were made public. According to the article, two investigators from black cube, a company run by former Israeli intelligence, approached and became friendly with actress rose Mcgowan, one disguising herself as a women's rights advocate pressing Mcgowan for information under the guise of launching an initiative to combat female discrimination in the workplace but according to farrow that woman is a former officer from the Israeli defense forces recording her conversations without Mcgowan's knowledge and allegedly reporting her findings back to Weinstein's team. The article also provides an employee's account of the moments Weinstein learned that the allegations against him had gone public. A female former employee tells farrow he was in a panic. He starts screaming get so and so on the phone and allegedly tells his employees to gather photos and e-mails showing ongoing contact between him and his accusers before he was fired saying, send these to the board members. Look, I don't want to argue with you. You're upset. Reporter: According to the article "The sopranos" actress Annabella score row says she's also contacted but found hem to be suspicious telling farrow it scared me because I knew what it meant to be threatened by Harvey. I was in fear of him finding me. Mcgowan said she felt paranoid. Everyone lied to me all the time. And that for the last year she felt like she lived inside a mirrored fun house. According to the article, some of the investigation and payments and contracts went through Weinstein's attorneys including David Boyes who represented Al gore in the 20 th th 00 election dispute. Guys, Weinstein has continuously maintained his innocence. We're joined by Ronan farrow, very good to have you here. Pleasure to be here. We all have read the article and you said the investigations began last fall. Why then? Last fall and it was a combination of factors among them rose Mcgowan tweeting heavily implying that Harvey Weinstein was in her words my rapist. Whoa. So he reacts to that and sets this all in motion. You know, the kind of explosive allegations here but anything illegal as far as you can see? So, you know, look, aisle an attorney but not acting as an attorney, I'm a reporter so careful not to give legal advice. That said there are criminal parts, intimidation, menacing, linked to the way the women described this. They were afraid for their physical safety because this all emanated from a guy who attacked them in the past. And Weinstein, a spokesman for Weinstein denied he targeted any individuals at they time. How do you respond. The body of reporting makes clear that the women have another story, the actual operatives involved in these operations have another story and all of his lawyers have another story. It appears Weinstein had a real M.O. We know news organizations going back to 2000, 2002 have been trying to write articles like this so his efforts have, worked in the past. There's even a quote in there from his private investigators from one of these files that are among the hundreds of pages of documents that we looked at saying that David Carr tried to write about this and in Harvey Weinstein's view he was able to successfully intimidate him into not writing about sexual assault allegations. Which is something that surprised you? I think the extent of this, robin. This was a vast international campaign using high-level elite operatives, using fake identity, insinuating themselves into people's lives and using cover. Elaborate -- Expensive too. Expensive. Very talk about the invoices on this. Hundreds of thousands of dollars and I think it's an area that's overdo for accountability because this was all conducted in secrecy by very reputable law firms and the women say that's just wrong. And you actually started to report this when you were working for NBC news and they looked at the story, chose not to publish it. Did Harvey Weinstein get to them? You know, look, I think the story makes it clear that they were focusing on everyone trying to get word out about this. Could you have imagined, Ronan, when you broke the story the ripple effect that it would have in this country, this movement and across various industries? You know, what the women have done coming forward in this article and now far beyond as you say industry after industry is something I could have never fully anticipated. It's incredibly moving and shows this is an issue that's been under the sfwas for too long. A deep vein that's been opened up in a big way and I hope it leads to more accountability. I imagine you're getting a lot coming. A lot coming in and some of it very, very troubling and some of it I think checking out. So it's not over. It is not over and, look, that is down to the bravery of women till coming forward and men coming forward as victims. This is as you say a movement, a seismic shift. Great to have you here. Pleasure. I'm sure we'll have you back.

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{"duration":"5:48","description":"New Yorker contributor Ronan Farrow shares bombshell details from his new report about Harvey Weinstein's alleged use of private investigators to try and stop the publication of abuse allegations. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50980407","title":"Weinstein allegedly used ex-spies to silence accusers","url":"/GMA/video/weinstein-allegedly-spies-silence-accusers-50980407"}