West African Airports Screen for Sickness

Doctors use thermal-imaging cameras to help spot anyone with a fever.
2:03 | 08/03/14

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Transcript for West African Airports Screen for Sickness
There's great concern about the spread. The CDC operates quarantine stations around the world. With people trend spot the virus. Bazi Kanaan any has more from dulles international airport. Reporter: Dell gragss are arriving here for the u.s.-africa leaders summit. The president says they'll be screened to make sure they're healthy. Doctor with hand-held her nom ters and thermal imaging screeners like these. These are the ways they're trying to keep ebola from catching a flight. A nonstop trip from the affected T countries to more than 35 countries around the world. Folks coming from these places that have an infinitesimal risk of being exposed, we're doing screening as they leave the country. Reporter: On this end, more screenings. Immigration officers are trained to look for sick passengers. Anyone with worrisome symptoms would be rushed to a room like this. The CDC has 20 quarantine stations around the country with trained medical professionals there. We would work to identify people that were exposed. Reporter: But ebola has an incubation period of 21 days. People like this come down with symptoms only after they come home, then the hospitals around the country are on alert. Ebola is not contagious unless a person is showing symptoms. It's not airborne. Not as easily spread as the cold or flu. The highest risk is health care workers whandling bodily fluids. They're ready for surprises and Ka handle them. Thank you, bazi. We want to move on to another major health the this morning. This one in Toledo, Ohio.

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{"id":24824145,"title":"West African Airports Screen for Sickness","duration":"2:03","description":"Doctors use thermal-imaging cameras to help spot anyone with a fever.","url":"/GMA/video/west-african-airports-screen-sickness-24824145","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}