Dog Helps West Virginia Man Survive Bear Attack

Man on a hike finds himself face to face with a mother bear determined to protect her cubs.
2:48 | 08/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dog Helps West Virginia Man Survive Bear Attack
Now we turn to a terrifying story out of West Virginia. A man attacked and wounded by a bear. Able to fight it off only with the help of his dog. He is speaking out about his ordeal and the heart-stopping 911 call describing it all and ABC's Mara schiavocampo is here with this very close call. Mara. Terrifying moment for this man. Good morning, Lara. That man and his dog were simply hiking in the middle of the afternoon when they found themselves face to face with a family of bears. And the momma bear was determined to protect her cubs. A bear attacked him. He's bleeding profusely. Reporter: This morning, the harrowing 911 call capturing 59-year-old Steven Kirchbaum's agony moments after being attacked by a black bear. I need to get to a hospital. Reporter: The researcher and his lab Henry wyching through the George Washington national forest Thursday afternoon unexpectedly coming face to face with two bear cubs and their momma. I see these two small cubs maybe 30 pounds apiece running up this slope. This mother bear who was closer to me comes running towards me. Reporter: That's when Kirchbaum says the estimated 250-pound bear pounced. She bit my thigh and knocked me to the ground so I'm on my back and she's biting my leg and I'm kicking like this. Reporter: Kirchbaum says Henry instantly jumped into action coming to the rescue attacking the bear back giving Kirchbaum the precious time he needed to grab a rock. Well, I hit her in the head with the rock there kind of like right in this region didn't want to hurt had you but just wanted her to stop biting me. Reporter: The pair both wounded in the attack managing to escape and walk the three-quarters of a mile back to Kirchbaum's car driving to this nearby fruit market where own LE -- owner Eddie Richards called 911. I saw nothing but blood on his leg down his chest. It was horrific. Reporter: In Kirchbaum's case his best friend turned out to be his best defense. I am happy to be mere and I think Henry was a huge part of it not being worse. That's a good dog. Now experts say one of the most dangerous black bear encounters possible is one with a mother and her cubs. They say if you do have an unexpected run-in, the thing to do is back away slowly and quietly. And quickly. Walk away fast. Fast but slowly. It's a trick but it's possible. It'll keep you safe. These attacks are really rare. Interactions are pretty common but black bears don't want any trouble. I know. Just saying. Henry, a great dog. Thank you, Mara. Ginger, what do you have.

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{"id":25125794,"title":"Dog Helps West Virginia Man Survive Bear Attack","duration":"2:48","description":"Man on a hike finds himself face to face with a mother bear determined to protect her cubs.","url":"/GMA/video/west-virginia-bear-attack-dog-helps-man-survive-25125794","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}