Western Kentucky Hit Hard in Tornado Aftermath

A state of emergency has been called as the death toll has risen to 20.
2:06 | 03/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Western Kentucky Hit Hard in Tornado Aftermath
And we just now learning just how bad western Kentucky was hit the death told -- has risen to twenty and a state of emergency is in effect. The National Guard been called in as well as Kentucky's governor says the hardest hit areas look like a bomb went off. BBC's Matt -- is there in west liberty Kentucky with more good morning Matt. Hey good morning -- on -- from the heart of a devastated west liberty. As you mentioned Marshall -- just starting to -- here and we're starting to get a sense of the devastation here this scale of the damage this was. The Liberty City that west liberty library that was the City Hall just built the police department officials telling us that. Nearly every single building on main street will have to be condemned in a tornado that one resident said was -- killer. This morning new video. A woman trying to previous bottle club away from west liberty Kentucky. -- -- I don't. -- It was not to beat. With twister plowing right through main -- that colossus of the twister just board of dozens in Kentucky ripping through nineteen counties killing twenty. 300. Injured some of the worst of the devastation -- survivors all describing it the same way. -- -- -- -- -- -- About a mile and a half of two mile wide through paying -- this -- institutions. Ranked. Police department the library city home buildings which stood for decades. Rescuers hacked -- trees and power lines mountains of debris so much destruction the state hasn't yet been able to compiled the statistics. -- count the homeless folks like Robin Williams and her grand daughters. We filled that -- the elementary school turned Red Cross shelter. That we've heard that it was Pannemon. That it actually came quicker than the Williams in the 100 plus expected to spend the night here are now called residents -- I have a friend that I am concerned about I haven't heard from her. Or -- -- -- -- he can't remember. -- could be here for weeks. And they just moments later she and her daughter -- with the people they were looking for deeper -- barker. I have personally seen. And embrace and more tears of gratitude we lost everything that we may never made -- Be on -- west liberty has been a ghost town most of the residents here. Had been evacuated today they hope to start. To be able to come back again and assess the damage we've talked to so many of them they say they don't need water they don't need food buried -- -- shelter right now what they need. Is help removing. All of this debris it is everywhere there are mounds -- are 23 stories high they need all the help they can get they're saying they just don't have the capacity to get rid of all of this.

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{"id":15843366,"title":"Western Kentucky Hit Hard in Tornado Aftermath","duration":"2:06","description":"A state of emergency has been called as the death toll has risen to 20. ","url":"/GMA/video/western-kentucky-hit-hard-tornado-aftermath-15843366","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}