Western U.S. Wildfires Can Be Seen From Space

Firefighters continue to battle the blaze while looking for the weather to change in their favor.
2:09 | 07/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Western U.S. Wildfires Can Be Seen From Space
Another breaking story this morning. The wildfires in the west. You can see the smoke from up in space. This picture taken from the international space station. Almost 200 homes have been destroyed. Firefighters are looking to the weather for a break. Brandi Hitt is in one of the hardest hit spots. Pateros, Washington. Reporter: This is one of the homes destroyed by the fire. The only thing recognizable is the family's snow blower. Once fire crews start gaining ground, they get hit by wind. Homes once spared by fierce flames are now in danger again thanks to strong, shifting winds. This is all burned now. Reporter: The county sheriff took us inside the fire command center in central Washington and says he's concerned two large wildfires scorching 340 square miles will soon combine into one monster fire. Is this going to get worse? We have fires, but I have never seen fires where it goes to the towns. Reporter: He beliefs close to 200 homes have likely burned, after he uncovered new areas of devastation. There was probably 20, 30 homes destroyed as we're driving in. It's totally destroyed. Reporter: Strong winds are kicking up the flames. You can see the thick black smoke behind me. It's being blown as far east as Chicago. Help is on the way. Two military c-130 airplanes seen here in prior missions are available to drop 3,000 gallons of water or retardant in just five seconds. After evacuating his neighborhood twice this week -- Don't try this at home. Reporter: Greg says his house is okay. Thank you. God bless every one of you. Thank you so much. Reporter: No reports of serious injuries. Neighborhoods like this one could be without electricity for at least a month. No electricity in the middle of summer on top of that. Back to Ron with the other stories evolving overnight.

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{"id":24637301,"title":"Western U.S. Wildfires Can Be Seen From Space","duration":"2:09","description":"Firefighters continue to battle the blaze while looking for the weather to change in their favor.","url":"/GMA/video/western-us-wildfires-space-24637301","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}