Airline Plays Santa for 250 Passengers

Travelers at two Canadian airports had their gifts granted by WestJet Airlines.
3:00 | 12/10/13

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Transcript for Airline Plays Santa for 250 Passengers
-- When. Next time this is just really cool as a Canadian airline company called west yet yeah well people were boarding into Toronto and Hamilton international airports and I sent to sort. Asked them what would they like for Christmas yeah Olympic twice they sort of a send off like a big screen TV -- a pair of socks like a -- whatever. Well they had you know everybody's information because they got to swipe at forty -- After these people boarded the plane falling. Tears -- -- from west yet that they airline company decided to fill their quest. He landed in the destinations they got off. And on the carousel latest terror cells. There were big screen TV. -- I feel bad for the poor guy one of them did set one night -- socks underwear I want to scoff at present I wanna large screen TV coming out of large screen T look at the sure it. The American companies got to start doing this as well I'm going to be flight out for Christmas I don't have basically did that yeah opening its aging -- -- -- yeah. What kind of a little ability to get this is set off camera nine slower than it's okay listen Niger nearly one set -- what you want the Christmas my eyes. The moon I think I -- and pick up job. -- night what do you think that's really called. RET know how -- need -- kind of get to the end of the Christmas season and you year in a rush because you haven't sent out your Christmas greeting cards. Well now there's a news service out -- -- you can not only send out an online Christmas -- but they can be -- really cool kind of Reading it doesn't have to -- for Christmas. It will include not only text but a movie clips he gets to pick any movie that you want from the service. And you can't put the text on the side and then they don't come up and this entire clip will play for the person that opens it up and it'll have you met your very specific message test for them. So for example wedding toasted. How about a clip from bridesmaids celebration male -- -- out like that from Chad how that if you're having a baby out of wedlock. Knocked up seems just about perfect like it when you're looking man right there pretty cool that is really cool they don't Hollywood reporter is reporting on -- by. We -- a new wedding edition not a proposal you know these elaborate things in and -- taking place is that that the receptions yes that at a dance it's like it's choreographed the amazing thing. This is actual wedding ceremony. -- this is unbelievable it's gone 800000 views it's viral. It's a video game developer named out of -- and his wife Michelle -- They planned wedding with appearances from knights in shining armor Ninja's Iron Man bad man WW we start giving heart. This happens. During the ceremony that is the group now are fending off -- -- let's listen got fifteen seconds on the study out ads basically. I'll say this much for -- -- -- announced they take about us and now he's the hero. Say this much for he did a good job in the -- -- down at least it's yes not my cup team he's good actor. She's a good wife.

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{"id":21159734,"title":"Airline Plays Santa for 250 Passengers","duration":"3:00","description":"Travelers at two Canadian airports had their gifts granted by WestJet Airlines.","url":"/GMA/video/westjet-airline-plays-santa-250-passengers-21159734","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}