Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Reveals New Breeds

David Frei announces six new breeds to earn the right to compete in dog show.
5:21 | 02/09/12

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Transcript for Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Reveals New Breeds
Next week is a big one for dog lovers it's about 136. Annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show take place right here. In New York City it is of course the longest running sporting event in this country after the Kentucky Derby. And this year there will be six new breeds -- the shell so joining us not introduce those new brigades as David -- the co host of the Westminster show. And first real quickly how do. New breeds to introduce twelve. It VA Casey tells us when they're eligible for our show so they have to have a certain number in this country a certain geographic distribution. -- -- parent -- watches over them like the -- Latin club of -- -- I -- them getting -- in the -- before we see them really -- these are new -- to the show but not necessarily -- -- around for hundreds even thousands of years in different places around the world so we're just happy to get them here let's meet our -- -- starting a -- This is a Norwegian. Opponent -- -- that Neil -- -- ready to go to. -- -- This kind of religion background they don't just talk about this well in Norway -- actually been known as the puppet dog because they were Brenda device used by the farmers from birds further. You need in their feathers now that's outlawed any more but they still are wonderful -- Because of the work that they had to do in the rocky. -- and fjords of the Norwegian coast like they've developed an extra -- you're like they've got six home didn't take a look at those. There's an expert I had -- yet. And there are also doubled to right it did he ever gets bigger give -- their double -- -- -- if they were to get in -- they could get themselves out because clearly from the street -- aside their north history goes straight over to their -- how that should be -- talent competition. Not have. -- our next new -- is the American English. And this is a felony game changer he's looking for something this is game always hunting dog you know -- -- to look for raccoon doesn't. And fox is during the day raccoon that night lord knows little finding here good thing they'll go and that's headed it down from real Virginia -- within the English fox him. A beautiful athletic -- and don't -- gorgeous. I love this I believe it's dispersed here. It well you know what they've been around for awhile I can say we're glad to get your just sometimes takes a little longer to get them recognized and -- -- -- -- next new growth have to shout. The next dog that we will meet -- the chest deep interior and this is Katrina this is an underdog in the terrier group this year -- Kerry comes from Czechoslovakia but -- originally a process of a Scottish Terrier missing William Perry you can see it in the dog low -- dog. -- their little different than a lot of the other carriers we have a softer coach. And -- have a little -- temperament to they're not quite as. Says that -- may -- ahead don't have any cards letters he had not quite as he has a lot interiors are sheet -- -- columns now. Look at that face from from the -- -- -- probably -- really and wonderful dogs -- this one's been with me for several shows and. In Jesus we right good luck Katrina in our next now and strain. Here is the -- current -- costs this is the -- -- mountain dog looks -- -- like -- who has relatives the Bernese Mountain -- half in the -- Swiss Mountain -- a little groups little shorter little stocking your. But have that -- look. Doesn't say things that the capital Grover and also doesn't work on the form but this is upon us. Beautiful house to house of what are all like trying to get brownie points I think -- -- -- -- showing their stuff their -- from the judges are watching him this morning that's right don't next up we have to finish an affluent. The nation -- that police. This is -- different -- from. That's right -- a very good. Scandinavian names. These dogs are actually -- to herd reindeer. That by and hit the by the natives in the farmers. Around the Arctic Circle in Finland and you can see they have that northern -- look at them with a pointed ears and that a standoff. Thick coat in the curly tail but you've been hearing -- all morning long because these dogs were earlier supposed to have heard by barking at their at their charges and so. And if you listen closely he's he's got sort of the brunt of a cargo -- can I have you heard pleading guilty plea nor is he different. He's got an arrest me you know like you sound like he barks all the time and he's given a little bit of -- and listen -- -- already -- these millions of and finally last but not least in this is a moment I've been chatting personally I would -- that graphic up for his name for his pronunciation. Sure well -- -- very very nice you're ready to go. And I'd known as the Mexican. -- called the Mexican hairless dog for years and they've been around for centuries they're here. Part of the Aztec and history in Mexico but they come in three different sizes like portals to white miniature -- standard. They can either be -- flight only here or -- -- here as well I like almost accessories -- home owners Jose Guerrero the jeweler to the stars. Yes -- was day. Mama you -- lovely lady these are all of the new dogs on you'll see them from -- and today have a leg up so to speak. Intel and other -- there they're sort of more interesting that when they get more attention of the show they. Do get a lot of attention we have a 185 breeds and varieties at least six new -- -- this year they do get a lot of these elegant main attraction part entertainment that's right. I wanna take a look everybody -- five 555. Everybody thank you very much could it lets go.

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{"duration":"5:21","description":"David Frei announces six new breeds to earn the right to compete in dog show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15546588","title":"Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Reveals New Breeds","url":"/GMA/video/westminster-kennel-club-dog-show-reveals-breeds-15546588"}