Whitney Houston: Born to Sing

A look back at the troubled life and incredible talent of the singer.
3:34 | 02/12/12

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Transcript for Whitney Houston: Born to Sing
Pictures of new hope Baptist Church in new futures were very young Whitney Houston first started singing -- and hold a special celebration there this morning. Then across the country tributes sprung up almost instantaneously. Now we do you know the winnings life as a complicated one filled with such great achievements but also so much trouble truly tragic story -- You know George good morning -- those pictures from New Jersey say so much this -- a woman who was quite literally born to sank. But Whitney Houston -- much of her hard fought success fall away as her marriage to Bobby Brown descended into jealousy. Range and substance abuse. -- -- -- Those golden -- That range from soft and sultry to rough and raspy too overwhelming power. For nearly twenty years Whitney Houston was one of the world's best selling artists with seven number one hits. Eight platinum albums and 55 million records sold in America alone. Music was in her blood she was born in East Orange New Jersey her mother a gospel singer her cousin Dion Warwick. And her godmother a -- -- -- -- first got noticed while singing in her church choir at the age of nine. At age twenty she was signed by -- legendary record producer Clive Davis. To hear this young girl. Said the proverbial. Tingles -- close by. Her self titled debut album sold millions and launched -- -- that are still in regular radio rotation. Including how will I know. And saving all my love. He became the golden girl of American pop and she made the nation fall in love with her. And rise together. While singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. During the first gulf war. He was not only lightning in a bottle on the charts but also a major -- at the box office. -- wasn't really. -- mystery to me. When Whitney ended up in the body guard -- true beauty and -- such. Such -- musical instrument. But her personal life was filled with sour notes the drug use the three stints in rehab the public breakdowns. And that turbulent relationship with bad boy Bobby Brown I'm not doing -- -- -- the couple eventually divorced after fifteen years of marriage. But the years of drug abuse had clearly taken their told her voice diminished. Album sales declining and she was rumored to be near death several times the -- she looked so thin. In 2009 that one last glimmer of hope for album I look -- went platinum. A reminder of happier times but a comeback that sadly. Was not sustainable. While there is no denying the turbulence side of her life she leaves behind a security legacy of music which we're going to be hearing all morning. One that is likely to transcend her troubles in the long run and one that crosses all sorts of cultural boundaries are -- George my first concert as a fourteen year old boy in -- Whitney Houston soundtrack for many. -- -- --

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{"id":15566945,"title":"Whitney Houston: Born to Sing","duration":"3:34","description":"A look back at the troubled life and incredible talent of the singer.","url":"/GMA/video/whitney-houston-born-sing-15566945","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}