Whitney Houston to Diane Sawyer: "The Biggest Devil is Me"

The infamous 2002 interview dealt with the singer's struggles with drug use.
4:49 | 02/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Whitney Houston to Diane Sawyer: "The Biggest Devil is Me"
As when he became a superstar team became so -- to -- her struggles. We try to -- and even trial is also clear in that infamous interview. The Diane Sawyer back in 2002. It began with questions about Whitney's ravaged looks and drug -- -- -- -- -- But there have been times when I know I have been going through a line and almost stressed. My eating habits. Whitney dying crack rehab fails. First of all this -- went straight. -- -- -- I -- to its fleet and its escape -- -- -- You do crack. -- do that. Crack is whack. Is that alcohol. Is -- marijuana. Just cocaine is -- pills. It is a -- At times all. -- -- If you had to name the -- hope. For you the biggest double among them. I would be me. -- And I don't. Only makes you do anything I don't want to do. It's my decision. Of the biggest -- me -- -- -- even my best friend and I would enemy. And then I think it was. How scary did you can't. -- -- When they spent -- I had done I didn't -- -- -- my. Contains my mind. Camp because I didn't want to look to -- to them. I don't wanna be like him. Frightened me. And I want to be in the room. -- -- -- -- -- Do you think you -- close. Coming as close as any money I think -- kind of -- of come closer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- as I think he gets and how sure are you. That those. Bad days you -- Are behind. Tiny island. Among them because -- back home started here. I can't tell you -- perfect union because every -- says it's day by day. Today -- yeah yeah yeah. But now do you say not at all I can say I can plan contains act. Content you there. And that's -- -- this. The person who wants to die. A prison who has life -- want to live. -- -- -- Clinton's think anything else than there but he's strong enough to do that now. And not let it get you. -- His plan. Because most can -- put everything I am. And that's strongest can be him and that the weakest time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the mid ninety's she said I feel old yet I have been -- world. A lifetime of staff and that it just wasn't any fun anymore. I enjoy what I do. I love the sleeping sickness and -- Because. People in different in the industry it's about money. It's about to keep -- you think you're not tough enough for this business clients have. Felt the quick and -- yeah I mean that's the disrupt. You got a tough so for the people out there who say. We want to help. We want to help build barrier between her and drugs -- what do you want them to pray for. Don't think about the drugs -- -- of the woman who aren't they can meet. The person. For months old and stronger. -- including India says could hit earth but they cleaned now once I know China. And I know he looks -- -- has left this.

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"The infamous 2002 interview dealt with the singer's struggles with drug use.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15567034","title":"Whitney Houston to Diane Sawyer: \"The Biggest Devil is Me\"","url":"/GMA/video/whitney-houston-diane-sawyer-interview-15567034"}