Whitney Houston Dies at 48

An inside look at the final days of the legendary singer.
2:54 | 02/12/12

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Transcript for Whitney Houston Dies at 48
Let's get right to -- C Cecilia Vega. Who joins us live from the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles -- Yes good morning -- it happened here at 343 yesterday afternoon when a member of Houston's entourage located her body inside this hotel. So far police in the corner are refusing to offer details about what may have cost her tragic death. Exactly what happened inside the iconic Beverly Hilton remained a mystery. Paramedics -- to the fourth floor and found the lifeless Whitney Houston inside her hotel room bath -- They tried in vain to resuscitate her with CPR. Had -- 55 PM this afternoon. Whitney Houston was pronounced dead at Beverly Hilton hotel. The scene inside her room was chaotic ABC has learned it appears members of Houston's entourage found her -- -- body and called hotel security. But just about a half hour earlier Houston's mother -- Reportedly spoke to her daughter and said nothing was out of the ordinary Houston's cousin Dion Warwick also reportedly spoke to her over the phone earlier in the day and -- everything seemed fine. Houston was staying at the hotel to attend music industry executive Clive davis' annual pre Grammy bash. It is the same event where she was introduced to the record industry nearly three decades ago. Hours after her death the party still went all -- But the scene was surreal the Beverly Hills crime lab parked outside paparazzi capped out waiting for Houston's body to emerge. Inside a star studded lineup of speeches and song. Her final days were marked by questions about her sobriety. Houston stay at the Beverly -- involved heavy party according to news reports. And that early Friday morning what would become Houston's final performance. Duet with Grammy nominee Kelly -- at a party at a Hollywood nightclub -- was there with her daughter having a good time. But after cheers on stage. These photos of the disheveled bloated an agitated Houston leading. She reportedly had blood dripping down her -- scratches on her wrist and had to be escorted from the club. But the people who knew her since she was simply sweating from her performance. There was nothing wrong it was nothing wrong she was singing. She was dancing she was laughing she was playing I'm gonna remember -- just like that that's the Whitney that I always had the pleasure of being. The pop superstar would be dead the next day. Now one report says Whitney Houston was found with prescription drugs inside her room here at the Beverly Hilton. And that she may have drowned in the bathtub. What ever happened the coroner says if an autopsy is performed it could be a day or two before that's -- Robin and until then we just don't know Cecilia thinking.

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{"id":15566879,"title":"Whitney Houston Dies at 48","duration":"2:54","description":"An inside look at the final days of the legendary singer.","url":"/GMA/video/whitney-houston-dies-48-15566879","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}