Whitney Houston Dead: A Look Back

The voice of a generation passes away at age 48.
3:10 | 02/11/12

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Transcript for Whitney Houston Dead: A Look Back
Death of singing star Whitney Houston at the age of 48. Details are still coming in at this hour but her publicist confirms to ABC news that she has died of circumstances and the place of Whitney -- -- Are still unclear at this hour. She shot to fame in the 19 of the most. Powerful unforgettable voices he'd ever. His record after -- record from sitting all my love for you. Right there will always -- gives you chills. She won grammys and made it -- along the way including the bodyguard -- waiting to exhale. 55 million records sold in the US alone and -- and influenced a generation of other singers from Mariah Carey the Christina Aguilera. The success was hurt as many view held by her long and very public struggle with drugs she. Admitted using cocaine marijuana and pills that you told -- Diane Sawyer in that interview ten years ago the quote. The biggest double -- -- I'm either my best friend or my worst enemy. The Hollywood reporter says Whitney Houston was set to make an appearance tonight at the gala ahead of tomorrow night's Grammy Awards and that she was last seen at the Beverly Hilton hotel on Thursday. She had recently been working in a new album in the last couple of years of working on a combat it's believed that the crime lab is now at the Beverly Hilton hotel were reportedly. Whitney Houston's body was found we have reported earlier this evening that was the last place she was seen alive -- was to a performed at a Clive Davis gala tonight. A before the Grammy Awards reporting on the death of Whitney Houston at the age of 48 tonight and I'm joined on the telephone by. ABC news contributor Chris Conley and Chris you and I were talking during the break about. I'll always love you which is playing right here on the screen gives you chills to watch it now and we -- remember that 1991 star spangled banner performance of the Super Bowl. The -- for -- just started having this was a voice that defined a generation for America. Absolutely the greatest -- generation David which is why I think it is so great. About a lot tonight we knew that Whitney Houston had deep personal demons you've been up front about her struggles with drugs -- Substance abuse -- taken steps to rectify that and tried that comeback tour a couple of years ago but the boy didn't quite -- on the same. And -- it that it think that will never get to hear that voice again. -- the voice students on the same -- so many including myself rooting for her she told Diane Sawyer and that. Now infamous interview ten years ago that quote the biggest -- is me on me or my best friend. Or my worst enemy she was able to sum up her own struggles. Very publicly. -- and I think everybody as -- state was -- for no one more than Clive Davis discovered her. Crafted that great first record it was -- champion who brought her back with that comeback record. And it was pre Grammy party that night she was apparently scheduled that day. The losses incalculable for what will never get here. She was also loved -- -- -- in Hollywood movies -- the bodyguard waiting to itself 55 million records sold that I will always love you. By the way was written in first performed by Dolly Parton and even -- through the years since she was done at Whitney Houston's rendition of her own song. Still many of us were remembering Whitney Houston the age of 48. I'd get in Los Angeles we will have much more on this first thing in the morning on Good Morning America sort of bring it appears tonight I'm David you know.

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{"id":15565311,"title":"Whitney Houston Dead: A Look Back ","duration":"3:10","description":"The voice of a generation passes away at age 48.","url":"/GMA/video/whitney-houston-dies-age-48-2012-look-back-voice-generation-dead-entertainment-15565311","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}