Whitney Houston on Drug Use in 2002 Interview

The singer gave an extraordinarily revealing interview to Diane Sawyer.
0:39 | 02/13/12

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Transcript for Whitney Houston on Drug Use in 2002 Interview
Moment right here. -- We have got to watch let's. Get right to Diane extraordinary and revealing interview with Whitney in 2002. And we were exchanging emails over the weekend as soon as I heard about her death I immediately. Reached out to you -- I remember the time to keep its cast her. In this -- you know what I think people didn't know we didn't even say at the time that she didn't know coming into that interview -- -- is gonna talk about her. Torment her battle with drugs are not. And in the middle of -- that she sent to us afterwards to mark Robertson the producer and me I just decided may be angels have been sent to help me. -- Come to terms with it and so she decided to admit. -- -- -- -- -- -- But there have been times when I know I have been going through a lot of emotions just. -- eating habits. Quickly dying crack rehab fails. First of all just -- -- industry. Credit his teeth. I maintenance needs and spoke let's keep that straight can't. You do crack. Can do to crack is whack. Is that alcohol. Is that marijuana. -- -- -- -- -- It has been. At times all. -- -- If you had to name the devil. For you the biggest double among them. I would be me. My. And when I don't. Really makes you do anything I don't want to do. It's my decision. The biggest -- me coming and even my best friend and I -- standing. And that's I think it was it. How scary did you can't. -- -- When they spent they I had done I didn't until my mind. Contains my mind. Camp because I didn't want to look to -- -- -- heading. Wanna be like him. Frightened me. I don't could be in the -- -- front -- animal we had hoped. Do you think you -- close. Coming as close as any money behind it kind of folks -- come closer. That's a close battle could be. -- as I think he gets and how sure are you. But those. Bad days you talked about are behind -- -- -- and among them because -- back home started here. I can't tell you can't be perfect yeah because -- -- -- says it's day by day. Anybody -- yeah yeah yeah. But now do you say not at all I can say I can plan contains -- -- you there. And that's -- -- his. The person who wants to die. From the person who has life and wants to live. -- -- Can -- must take anything else when there but he's strong enough to do that now. And not let it get you. Who. -- -- -- Because most can I put everything I am. And that's -- to meet him and that the weakest I have. -- -- -- Is today a good -- to think -- the -- In the mid ninety's she said I feel old -- I have been -- world. A -- of stuff and that it just wasn't any fun anymore. I enjoy what I do. I love this -- -- and I'm thinking. Because. People -- different in the industry it's about money. It's about the -- -- you think you're not tough enough for this business contest that the quick and thickness I mean for the lack of Islam. You got -- -- so for the people out there who say. We wanna help. We want to help build barrier between her and drugs school what do you want them to pray for. Don't -- about the drugs the drugs -- woman -- aren't they couldn't eat. The person. For months old and stronger. -- including -- -- says could hit earth but they cleaned now was I know China. And I know he -- the -- -- left me this. -- The Bible tells us and -- -- -- -- you're going to see tonight on world news her with her daughter -- singing the lullaby big things from each other. I think to each other all the time. And what she told me that she wounded ten years from the day we -- our interview and this is ten years and the dream that she had so different from. Where we from we've heard her voice -- course during an interview. -- and she never really knew what recourse is had to be there for rebuilding nobody that was really her talent does her torment because she. Parades of dancing. People behind her she couldn't have light -- she had to come out terra hall in the sky with her voice and she wasn't always sure it was going to be there and so. I think that the terror and the responsibility of that to her fans really got to her. -- that an abuse 2002 -- fast forward to 2009. The concert and I told you this this week and I will never forget you. Watching her and one moment you grabbed me and you had tears in your -- you are so excited. To see her. And every one. This is so extremely hopeful diet -- -- it -- because it was I was so frightened. I wanted it to be a morning that -- police -- part of the way back I think we were. We were off ten to twelve wrote to assure her hurt everybody had a feeling maybe I can say that things looked hopeful -- to shore. And it was a great more and making it less liberated and she would -- vital. Good -- -- see the outpouring there and that's just pitching what's so giving her many people -- inner circle talked about. How she was hired a lot because she gave so much about herself to every little. That's -- and she knew the expectations. And and she -- it when they call you dumb boy this. -- and that's what to do you bring. It is. Really does create I think over the course of a career. A lot of fear inside you that so disciplined.

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{"id":15572748,"title":"Whitney Houston on Drug Use in 2002 Interview","duration":"0:39","description":"The singer gave an extraordinarily revealing interview to Diane Sawyer.","url":"/GMA/video/whitney-houston-drug-2002-interview-15572748","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}