Whitney Houston Funeral to Be a Star-Studded Event

Family and celebrities will gather in New Jersey to say goodbye to the singer.
1:54 | 02/17/12

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Transcript for Whitney Houston Funeral to Be a Star-Studded Event
-- -- overnight on what is sure to be an emotional event and that is remembering Whitney Elizabeth Houston. Her home going her family and friends that we'll be there the church where she grew up. ABC's Jim -- a lot is in Newark, New Jersey where preparations for the service are under -- good morning Jim. Good morning Robin tomorrow morning. New Jersey will set aside the troubled life of Whitney Houston and in fact lower their state flags to half staff. And remember the innocent choir girl who left this church to become one of the greatest voices of our top. It will be a huge day in Newark. Police are already barricading the streets balloons and flowers here to welcome a long list of celebrities. Kevin Costner will take a lead role would be Houston's bodyguard co star who told Diane Sawyer in 2009. Remember Whitney before she was in the movie and I. Some elements -- She just really fast Whitney Houston and he has taken some big bites out alive and we involved in the better for. Also expected to attend Denzel Washington. Jamie Foxx Mel Gibson. Funeral will celebrate Whitney Houston's innocent youth -- a New Jersey gospel singer. Rhythm and blues royalty will descend upon her childhood church. Whether Aretha Franklin. Joined by Stevie Wonder in -- service dominated by news. Janet Jackson Mariah Carey in -- -- your keys. The Whitney's pop world. And from the gospel BB -- who spoke to ABC's Deborah Roberts about the honor of singing goodbye to -- -- But I try my best -- -- and so that's what we'll sue. Willis who. -- And and we believe we'll -- -- -- if you get. The service will be streamed live on the Internet but it is by invitation only. Security is expected to be heaven with streets cordoned off for six blocks in every direction. Conduct in the service will be -- Houston's pastor. Marvin one who told CNN's Anderson Cooper the family wanted to church funeral you're not a big public memorial. Am I don't think it was a matter. Public or private. As it was this is my daughter and we want to do this would dignity we don't want. To have a parade. We loved her -- she was -- be in New Jersey. Despite bad blood between Houston's family and her ex husband Bobby -- sources tell ABC news he will be there to comfort the couple's daughter Bobbi Kristina. Who following her mother's death collapsed twice and is now said to be doing better. And ABC news has been told that Bobby Brown who. Performed the night after Whitney Houston died will waste no time getting back on stage after the funeral. He is scheduled to appear to Connecticut's Connecticut casino. On Saturday night. -- All right -- beginning back to Saturday it will be as -- said a celebration and there's much to celebrate about her life thank you can. We're gonna have much more tonight on a special edition of 20/20 one moment in time the life. -- Whitney Houston this 9:8 central.

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{"id":15707660,"title":"Whitney Houston Funeral to Be a Star-Studded Event","duration":"1:54","description":"Family and celebrities will gather in New Jersey to say goodbye to the singer.","url":"/GMA/video/whitney-houston-funeral-star-studded-event-kevin-costner-15707660","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}