Whitney Houston: A Grandmother's Tribute

A 90-year-old woman busts a move to "I Wanna Dance With Somebody."
0:56 | 02/20/12

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Transcript for Whitney Houston: A Grandmother's Tribute
As we on other than a lot of fitting tributes to the late Whitney Houston last week some somber one some. Really sweet ones and now I really funny one and -- -- the nine year old Grammy. Who is becoming an Internet sensation and we -- -- to the video and take a look at her because she is amazing. She -- a little. Thirtieth. Less business somebody that's. Let me indicate he has really. They have -- Educational wondering how -- got zero. But there -- is there. Now de -- got you killed her grandson of course he posted -- say -- disappointment she loved to do it before last week -- see -- happening yet. I think that -- a quarter million. The Whitney Houston -- ended recruits in ways that are to come to Nevada and from. Eight as did not exist just haven't you don't have everybody is on the three. Yeah I love I love it.

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{"id":15752490,"title":"Whitney Houston: A Grandmother's Tribute","duration":"0:56","description":"A 90-year-old woman busts a move to \"I Wanna Dance With Somebody.\"","url":"/GMA/video/whitney-houston-grandmothers-tribute-15752490","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}