Houston Honored by Hudson, Adele Wins Big at Grammys

Music's biggest night highlighted by powerful performances, touching tributes.
6:52 | 02/13/12

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Transcript for Houston Honored by Hudson, Adele Wins Big at Grammys
As you know the show must go on -- music's biggest night of the year. Apart with a heartfelt tribute to Whitney making one of emotional Brandon -- ever and Lara. Is there and Los Angeles to tell us so much more about -- good morning again where. Good morning Robin and you are right these were the most emotionally charged grammys that we've seen in a long long time. Everything from -- stunning performance her first since coming back from that throat surgery to Jennifer Hudson's cover a Bible always love you. A -- remember for music fans the world over. Even in death. It was Whitney Houston's moment. Highlighted by Jennifer Hudson's simple solemn tributes. -- While Whitney was on everyone's mind the night belonged to a -- -- -- -- in the crowd we're. In. -- in the winds six grammys in all including album record and song of the year. Many memorable performances from -- newly single Katy Perry sporting bright blue. -- -- -- -- -- -- And a moving tribute to the rhinestone cowboy Glen Campbell. Suffering from alzheimer's but still -- But ultimately the night belonged to two women. One of burgeoning superstar. And the other. A legend gone far too soon. Cancer listen to that song and not so good and a footnote to all of this seems fans are paying tribute to Whitney online first on Twitter Queen Latifah wrote. Oh dear lord hurting so bad my sister Whitney and Barbara Streisand wrote -- everything. Beauty and magnificent voice how sad her gifts could not bring her of the same happiness. They brought us and people are also paying tribute by buying Whitney's -- I'll always love you. Shot straight to the top of the iTunes charts and on Amazon is seven of the top ten best seller selling albums right now. Are from Whitney Houston Robin injection -- -- -- so much --

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{"id":15572896,"title":"Houston Honored by Hudson, Adele Wins Big at Grammys","duration":"6:52","description":"Music's biggest night highlighted by powerful performances, touching tributes.","url":"/GMA/video/whitney-houston-honored-jennifer-hudson-adelle-wins-grammys-15572896","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}