Whitney Houston Manager on Singer's Final Days

Pat Houston discusses new reality-TV series starring late-singer's family.
3:00 | 10/24/12

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Transcript for Whitney Houston Manager on Singer's Final Days
Back, now, with a look inside whitney houston's family. Their new reality series premieres tonight. And it features the superstar's teenage daughter, brobobbi kristina and pat houston. And I sat down with houston to find out how the family is coping now. ♪ And I will always love you ♪ Reporter: It's been just eight months since whitney houston passed away. And while the music industry lost a superstar, her distraught family lost a mom, a sister, a best friend. And now, her family is chronicling how they have tried to move on from whitney's loss, in a new reality show called "the houstons, on our own." Whitney's sister-in-law, pat, is one of the stars. You and whitney were very close. What do you miss most about her? Everything. I'm so used to having conversations with her, every day. And her calling me. You know, it's just the laughter. Just the closeness. And I really do miss her. Reporter: Tell me why you and your family are doing this show. What are you hoping viewers will get out of it? We're a family. We're not a unique family. A family that wants to stay together and not be in isolation. Just being together, through the grieving process, however long it might take. Reporter: There are critics out there that say, it's too soon after whitney's death. That bobbi kristina is too young to have cameras following her around. What do you say? She's had cameras following her since she was born. Reporter: The show puts it out there. Bobbi kristina's romance with family friend, nick gordon. Nobody will understand our relationship. It was just meant for us to understand. Reporter: And it also addresses concerns over the 19-year-old's drinking. She's 19 years old. That's not a drinking age yet. No. I know her realities are a lot different than how we were raised. But that I cannot tolerate. I can't let her do it. Reporter: What is it like to air that in front of cameras, to air that in front of america? The world? It is a lot of pressure. Once the parents are gone, another relative is left to step up, you know, to take over the situation, to navigate her through life. So, it's like you say to yourself, wow. I've got to really, really stay on course and be a parent. Not only to my daughter, but to krissy, as well. Teenagers, very important to pat houston. She has a charity called teen summit, that rebuilds, restores and repairs the life of young people facing life challenges. "The houstons" premieres tonight. Coming up, the

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{"id":17552442,"title":"Whitney Houston Manager on Singer's Final Days","duration":"3:00","description":"Pat Houston discusses new reality-TV series starring late-singer's family.","url":"/GMA/video/whitney-houston-manager-pat-houston-singers-final-days-17552442","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}