Whitney Houston Remembered

Stars and friends to gather in Newark for funeral services for singing legend.
2:47 | 02/18/12

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Transcript for Whitney Houston Remembered
Right now some of the biggest stars in music and film are preparing for an emotional day. A celebration of superstar Whitney Houston's life in what is being called her home going. It was his Lindsey Davis is in Newark, New Jersey with new details about just who will be there good morning Lindsey. Good morning be on a security here is tight as you can imagine police have barricaded -- -- to block perimeter actually this is as close as we're able. To get to the church another -- husband today is not so much about Whitney Houston's fame as -- is her -- her family. And her friends. In a private week last night -- Christina and CC Houston had a quiet private moment with their beloved mother and daughter. They were reportedly joined by the man who started Houston's career Clive Davis and her cousin Dion Warwick. Today a larger but still extremely exclusive invitation only memorial. It's not being called a funeral but a home going service says it's written on this invitation obtained by TMC. 15100. Close friends family and colleagues are expected. Some of the biggest names in music and film because I'm only person it's protection. Among them bodyguard co star Kevin Costner along with Clive Davis will give eulogies. -- front Denzel Washington Tyler Perry and Mariah Carey are also on the invite list -- And we now know that actor Mel Gibson was invited according to -- he tried to help Houston and some of -- -- State's family has always grateful. He will not be able to attend. And more movement. And for this woman who helped define the music of her generation there will be music. Whitney's godmother Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder both expected to sing. And cousin Dion Warwick may also take to the stage. And while there's been tension about whether or not the family -- -- Houston's ex Bobby Brown at today's service he is expected to attend. -- Concert the other night he paid tribute to his six. I'm. It it will be an emotional day for gospel singer -- Winans who grew up with Whitney whom he called -- Almost too much to bear. Overtime our best to sing this song that's so that's what will soon. -- slew. -- And we believe will meet up and I think. Still few hours -- of course for many of the guests arrivals of the media is here in full force. And -- really did make one concession by allowing a camera inside the church which will broadcast -- -- live for the fans so eager to see Whitney Houston's. Farewell.

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{"id":15743685,"title":"Whitney Houston Remembered","duration":"2:47","description":"Stars and friends to gather in Newark for funeral services for singing legend.","url":"/GMA/video/whitney-houston-remembered-15743685","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}