Houston's Death: Will There Be a Criminal Case?

Dan Abrams discusses the investigation into the death of the singer.
0:16 | 02/14/12

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Transcript for Houston's Death: Will There Be a Criminal Case?
Spring and -- legal analyst Dan Abrams right now you heard Nancy Grace right there have been saying she thinks. This could be potential criminal investigation yeah -- -- Everything's a potential criminal investigation even though the authorities are saying this is just a death investigation and I think that that's true they're always looking at the possibility. Of potential criminal case it doesn't seem they have anything here I think to make comparisons. To the Michael Jackson case -- Anna Nicole Smith. -- he's almost irresponsible because we don't have any evidence in this case. Of anything like that -- Michael Jackson talked about a guy -- sitting there within within evil. -- -- is used in emergency in the regular season hospitals here you have the corner talking about the drugs that were found saying -- these are not more drugs and most people would find. In their bathroom -- causes some reports that investigators will go back to all of her doctors and asked them about what they were prescribed and I think that they will and because there were multiple doctors' prescribing drugs they're gonna wanna know. Exactly. What these doctors were -- were they using reasonable carat center. But again -- one of the few drugs found in the room was penicillin. I -- so now we're gonna go and start asking the doctor why do you -- as well apparently maybe for sore throat again this is not to say that there's nothing to look at here. Because this is someone who was I know wound drug that mean by her own admission. She had problems. With marijuana with cocaine -- -- -- those are illegal drugs. And so the fact that Whitney Houston has in the past conceded problems with the illegal drugs as well poses all sorts of questions and that's what a toxicology report. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But -- you know it's not see it doesn't bring it to a criminal investigation. That there may have been friends there who maybe should have done war bodyguard at -- we don't know -- to be the case if there -- That's not something someone's gonna get charged -- -- potentially some something some won't get sued for. But I think it. Every one look at -- really upset that its -- was so -- About what happened it would be used in their thinking how could this patent can -- -- -- And and rather than -- say it's possible -- happen but rather just say it's possible this is a horrible tragedy. We all want to point fingers and want to say it's someone else's fault and it may have been. And in the -- they're going they're going to look at that. But I just think we got to be really serious about on the based on what we know now no grounds for a criminal investigation again based on what -- -- -- that -- and also they're saying no foul play. I either I think you when you bring those two together we just have to be really careful -- you know what -- a lot of people who really cared about her loved her who were around her. Who now people are saying we should look at this person should investigate that person. And it you know we just need to be really careful there -- a lot of people who really hurting now as a result of what's happened okay games thanks very much.

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{"id":15580758,"title":"Houston's Death: Will There Be a Criminal Case?","duration":"0:16","description":"Dan Abrams discusses the investigation into the death of the singer.","url":"/GMA/video/whitney-houstons-death-criminal-case-15580758","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}