Houston's Family Plans Funeral

Family will say their last goodbyes to the singer at a service in New Jersey.
3:07 | 02/15/12

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Transcript for Houston's Family Plans Funeral
For the latest on the investigation. Into Whitney Houston's death officials now focusing on the prescription drugs found in her hotel room and who prescribe them to her. All this -- family is making plans for a private final farewell on Saturday ABC's Linda Davis joins us from Newark, New Jersey. With so much more good morning Lindsey. Good morning Robin funeral arrangements are still being finalized but we do know that the funeral will take place here at new hope Baptist church on Saturday. At noon at ABC news has also learned doctors and pharmacies where Houston. Obtained her prescriptions they're expected to be subpoena. In the next few days. It's fitting that the very first place where Whitney Houston. -- showcase that voice. Will now host the final tribute to the woman who became an international sensation because of it. Her funeral won't take place at a large arena with lots of pomp and circumstance. Instead of the family has decided to keep this service private. At Houston's childhood church the new hope Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey capable of seating up to 2000 people. They have shared. What thirty some years. The work. His daughter. Mother the service will likely hearken to Houston's gospel roots. Gospel great Marvin Winans will reportedly give the eulogy. If you scratch the surface you didn't take you long to find out what she was still that little girl from birds. And acquire full of music legends are expected to perform but not for the public. -- funeral home says it will be strictly invitation only close family friend and rock and roll hall of fame singer Darlene love will be in attendance. Knowing Whitney as well as -- did well how would she won her home going to be one -- hoping that it will be live leaned forward joy. Because I know that's how she would warrant had been. New TMC photo show Houston in the last days before her death lounging by the pool Wednesday at the Beverly Hilton a drink fireside. It's of course not clear if that -- contained alcohol. Houston was seen party in the following days before her death at the same hotel. Overnight Houston's former husband R&B singer Bobby Brown asked again for privacy for their daughter Bobbi Kristina who's been hospitalized twice since her mother's death. Bobbi Kristina is doing much better he wrote we continue to provide love and support to Bobbi Kristina. You see a wall of flowers cards and balloons outside of the church killing Houston family is asking that in lieu of flowers that any donations be made. To the performing arts school in the East Orange New Jersey Whitney Houston attended that also happens to be named after. Jennifer Robbins -- a great idea Lindsay thank you very much respect the family's decision to hold a private service like this and yes fans are heartbroken about her death it pails in comparison to what her family is experiencing -- like the right decision -- --

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{"id":15626296,"title":"Houston's Family Plans Funeral","duration":"3:07","description":"Family will say their last goodbyes to the singer at a service in New Jersey.","url":"/GMA/video/whitney-houstons-family-plans-private-funeral-15626296","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}