Widespread Power Outages Expected: How to Keep the Lights On

States are predicting massive power outages as wind speeds pick up.
3:00 | 10/28/12

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Transcript for Widespread Power Outages Expected: How to Keep the Lights On
jersey and lower manhattan. We'll get back to both ginger and sam as soon as possible. Terms of massive power o outages. They could last more than a week. Crews are already in crisis mode. Working overtime. Doing their best to keep the lights on. David kerley has more from delaware. Reporter: Hey, dan harris, let me tell me not only the wind here and the storm surge, here in delaware, they told everyone to get out of here by 8:00 tonight. The other concern not only for the coast but for everyone inland is the lights, electricity and whether the power goes out for days. This is what millions of americans and hundreds of power companies are worried about, last year, irene left 7 million homes without power. Even before sandy's hurricane winds and rains, utility crews are out trimming trees, putting crews in place. Vince has been with the utility that serves south jersey including atlantic city for 28 years, has never seen a storm like this and knows a lot of his customers are going to lose power. We're prepared for what the worst can bring. Reporter: The new jersey governor declaring a state of emergency, warning residents they could be without power for ten to 15 days. And governor chris christie is worried. General new jersey. If it looks stupid it is stupid. Reporter: They're driving to the east coast in front of sandy's wrath. How bad could it be? Believe it or not, this guy thinks he has an idea. A researcher at johns hopkins, he's predicted how many of us may lose power. Remember, irene left 7 million without power. Our model suggest 10 million. Reporter: Roughly 10 million without power for a week or more. If 50 million feel the effect of this, 1 in 5, could be without electricity. A very big storm coming our way. That's an unbelievable number.

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{"id":17581767,"title":"Widespread Power Outages Expected: How to Keep the Lights On","duration":"3:00","description":"States are predicting massive power outages as wind speeds pick up.","url":"/GMA/video/widespread-power-outages-expected-lights-17581767","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}