Wife Reveals Husband's Elaborate Plot to Fake His Death

Emails, text messages and bank statements outline man's plan to embezzle money.
3:00 | 08/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wife Reveals Husband's Elaborate Plot to Fake His Death
A new york man disappeared last saturday, setting off a massive search, only to resurface days later in south carolina. And it turns out, he left quite a trail of evidence. Abc's john schriffen is here to unravel the story. Good morning, john. Reporter: Bianna, good morning. The woman whose husband may have taked his own death, held a press conference to reveal text messages, e-mails and bank statements from him, outlining a plat allegedly to embezzle money. It was all foiled thursday, when police in south carolina pulled him over for speeding. It's anger. It's sadness. It's the public that went out to try to save a man that was not there. Evana roth is speaking out about her husband of 14 years, 47-year-old raymond roth, who, until days ago, she thought had been dead for a week. It saturdayed last saturday, when roth's son reported him missing from this beach. When only his shoes, keys, cell phone and wallet were found onshore, an intense search was launched. When he was nowhere to be found, evana said she planned a week planning his funeral. Until she found these e-mails, details what she says is a plot between father and son to fake his death. It was a shock. Wednesday through e-mails and ended up finding that. Reporter: According to her attorney, as far back as january, raymond roth began his plans to get away. Plans which, evana now says, clearly didn't include her. He made a will on wednesday. He emptied out my account friday, saturday morning. Up to the time when supposedly, we think this poor man is drowning in the water. Reporter: In one potentially damning e-mails dated friday morning, the day before roth was reported missing he writes, quote, there needs to be a way for me to find out how things are going. Call me sunday night at 8:00 p.M. At the resort. That resort was here in orlando, florida, where he was reportedly staying to lay low. In other e-mail, roth gives scathing instructions about the home which is for sale. Do not allow that expletive to give the house away. He tells other relatives, you need to whisper in aunt jackie's ear about it. Now her husband has been calling and texting, trying to reconcile. She showed reporters one text message that read, quote, I just heard you have a press conference later. Be nice. Almost 15 years together. And raymond roth was last seen yesterday, driving through his long island neighborhood. But didn't stop because of all of the media vehicles. He sent his wife a text message saying, quote, the place looks a little crowded. I just drove by. Call me later. At this point, authorities have not decided on filing any criminal charges. But, evana, says at this point, she does not want to be married anymore. The nerve to send her a text message, too? Good luck with that reconciliation. We want to follow up in two months to see if they're back together. Time to check the other

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{"id":16928580,"title":"Wife Reveals Husband's Elaborate Plot to Fake His Death","duration":"3:00","description":"Emails, text messages and bank statements outline man's plan to embezzle money.","url":"/GMA/video/wife-reveals-husbands-elaborate-plot-fake-death-16928580","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}