Wild Animals in Ohio: Widow Wants Survivors Back

David Kerley on the man who let zoo animals loose before killing himself.
2:09 | 10/21/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wild Animals in Ohio: Widow Wants Survivors Back
Have the latest in the bizarre and haunting story of the exotic animals in Ohio. -- has exclusively obtained these images showing Terry Thompson was -- his wild past and we've also learned. -- Thompson was deep in debt. -- almost 70000 dollars in unpaid taxes to the IRS and the county. ABC's David Curley has been tracking the latest from Ohio. You'll scare and NBC news has obtained these exclusive pictures of Teri Thompson on his -- with some of his wild animals He kept -- -- We're. A -- even this Campbell Peter trading kisses with the you silly thing -- all of this from two years ago. And this morning the majority of these animals are dead. After Terry Thompson released them -- then killed himself. These are the only survivors three leopards a grisly and to -- tax just hours after the Columbus zoo's staff transported the animals from the farm. Where fifty others including eighteen Bengal tigers in seventeen lions were killed by police. Marion Thompson came to the zoo what does -- want. Well she you know that this is a person who's very bonded to the animals and so she wanted to see -- make sure that they were doing okay. And -- this. In fact Thompson who shielded herself from reporters said the animals are her children. And revealed -- zoo officials are very close bond with them attacks she's very bonded to the -- and she says that the female. Primate sleeps with her in -- or just a Diego Tom -- -- -- a dead animals the conditions they were kept in. And He can't forget. Seeing that site will haunt you know yes it was that. It was. I've I've been in the zoo business for. 22 years and before that I grew up on the farms I've been around animals all my life and I've never seen -- -- only able to see -- again. That was bad zoo officials say they'll continue to care for these animals or leave it to the sheriff's department to decide where they end up -- back at the home. At another facility or stay here at the zoo.

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{"id":14785422,"title":"Wild Animals in Ohio: Widow Wants Survivors Back","duration":"2:09","description":"David Kerley on the man who let zoo animals loose before killing himself.","url":"/GMA/video/wild-animals-ohio-widow-survivors-back-14785422","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}