Wild Weather Hammers the US

From tornados to damaging winds and hail, Ginger Zee has the all the details.
2:24 | 02/25/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wild Weather Hammers the US
-- -- -- -- has been marching across America heavy snow hard rain hail. High winds and even tornadoes our meteorologist ginger -- has been all over this story all morning -- good morning to you. Good morning to welcome you good morning everyone from record heat in the southeast to blizzard and winds in the Rockies this storm brought three days of winter spring and summer. It's -- two thirds of the nation. Combined it's been a dangerous situation. -- very hard to see that it's. It's -- tornadoes. Tore across the south Friday as many as seven reported. This home in South Carolina destroyed by the 130 mile per hour winds of an EF two twister. Boston region powerful wind and giant hail from wallets -- state. There were nearly 150. Severe weather reports from Maryland to Florida. -- an. WJ BS me back down. Nearby parking lots turned into lakes and sidewalks to flushing -- In the Carolinas. And pulled trees up while storms near Savannah brought power lines down and in Maryland -- just devastated everything Norman rip the -- -- Two polls -- and done a lot of damage. -- more powerful winds. And snow lots of -- On the roadways of Michigan very big rigs and crumpled compacts lay in the wake of half a flood of -- sticking snapped -- real wet heavy snow also lets you build probable and it but. The roads are real -- -- now. The winter blast brought some happier times to freshly powdered hills -- Wisconsin into a wonderland perfect for sledding and snow sculptures. To -- and this Chicago they took things with a grain or several of salt -- snow is all year. -- -- -- And the severe threat today is pretty much out but there is -- wind threat let me show you a just a few lake effect snow showers left but the wind advisories and high wind warnings are all over the northeast. From Maine south to even New York City forty to sixty mile per hour gusts are likely at the very very windy out there and breezy downtown Atlanta still very windy day for many folks but. Not as severe.

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{"id":15789413,"title":"Wild Weather Hammers the US","duration":"2:24","description":"From tornados to damaging winds and hail, Ginger Zee has the all the details. ","url":"/GMA/video/wild-weather-hammers-us-15789413","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}