Wildfires Tear Through Multiple Southern States

Firefighters continue to fight the raging blazes and in some cases expect arson as cause of the fire.
1:36 | 11/15/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wildfires Tear Through Multiple Southern States
Thousand to that smoke and fire tearing across the southeast. Eight states battling flames right now and ABC's Eva pilgrim is on the scene in chimney rock, North Carolina, where firefighters have been working all through the night. Good morning, Eva. Reporter: Good morning, George. You can see the fire coming down the mountain. We're staying across the street. Trees could fall down here. This morning, there's no end in sight to the flames. Flames crawling up and down mountains all across the southeast, thousands of firefighters from as far away as Alaska battling 42 wildfires across eight states. Authorities say many deliberately set. We do also ask for cooperation with anyone who has information on anyone who may have started any of these fires. We do believe most of these fires are man-made. Reporter: In North Carolina, the party rock fire around chimney rock forcing a thousand people out of their homes, mandatory evacuations in place. The ongoing drought creating dry conditions fueling the fires. Some burning for more than a month and no rain in the forecast any time soon. For now you can see the fire is moving very slowly down the mountain jumping over the roads as it continues to move down. We could have these challenges through March. Reporter: The widespread smoke prompting air quality warnings, code red in western North Carolina, Orange in parts of Georgia, some residents wearing masks. Just went in my lungs and I had to get out of here. Reporter: Another problem here, you can see there's still leaves on the trees, when those leaves fall, it can reignite the flames. Michael. All right, dangerous situation there, thank you, Eva.

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{"duration":"1:36","description":"Firefighters continue to fight the raging blazes and in some cases expect arson as cause of the fire.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43544560","title":"Wildfires Tear Through Multiple Southern States","url":"/GMA/video/wildfires-tear-multiple-southern-states-43544560"}