Dafoe Dishes on New Sci-Fi Flick 'John Carter'

Actor chats about playing a 9-foot-tall Martian in Disney's new blockbuster.
1:37 | 03/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dafoe Dishes on New Sci-Fi Flick 'John Carter'
Well -- finalist played everything from a vampire to a soldier in Vietnam. Oh and by the way earned Oscar nominations for both of those for throwing performances. Well now he is starring in the upcoming epic adventure flick John Carter. He plays a nine foot tall Green -- you probably would not recognize amazing performance and thank you for being here thanks. Good we were talking off camera about the still the transformation when he first saw yourself as. -- -- -- His nine foot tall marsh and what was your reaction. Well I had a pretty good idea what it looked like because even before we started they had a design into the character I'm -- when you're on the stilts -- -- -- missteps it's you know I'm wearing three foot stilts so -- It changes everything. He gives you different body gives you different palaces and that's great because as an actor than you can apply that to becoming the character. When they told you that you would be acting for an entire movie -- epic adventure instills. What any reservations. Not I had never done that before and yet I can't imagine -- -- -- -- Andrew Stanton was really -- withdraw from me because I've worked with him before he's really great filmmaker and I liked the material so that's what company that. And and tell -- little bit about your character. My character is the leader of a indigenous side Green martian people called the fox and he's. Warrior king and these cabbies -- look conflicting needs today not when he appears to be he has a secret. He -- a compassionate man who leads this. Warrior tribe that above all. Values. -- -- And and Taylor kitsch plays John -- -- he is a civil war veteran who ends up on Mars because who doesn't. And and you guys first meet and there's a bit of a language barrier because on top brings tilting -- to learn -- language of by the way so let's take a look at it. Check back Jadox. An artist podcasts. -- In June Carter. -- My name. -- John Carter. -- -- This is speaking are yes you what you got you started with the -- west. Well then they formulated language -- taught us how to do it so basically I know what I was saying you're not saying it's not like guy could you know I'm not fluent in. I -- I won't the but I do you contagious had to say hello kitty -- Caleb Caleb sounds very is that that you hear from a little Italian in the -- and I know you. I'm pretty complacent at all and I do I hear like they -- and I -- you -- -- -- imagine. -- -- I'm so I -- to get a look at Mars. Taylor was telling us -- shot in Utah right in the middle of the desert. Again on the still Scott -- obsessed with the still young woman not like Victoria. Fantastically. As the landscape here is just incredible so when you're there in the world really -- away and it really election. -- can happen -- one night. And a lot of people think they -- you are sort of done by computers known you you've performed every scene well that's important because that. -- really. And make to the performance we made and to find out what that character is what the scene as we had to shoot it and we -- shoot him in the interest -- -- -- to liven -- their characters have really integrated with paying. Motion caption he had it right this is the real so we -- -- like you -- moving in and the animators and of that performance that gives in the base to work. And I won't thank you so much -- addition -- John Carter you were saying you have a couple of other films coming out we're gonna look real good we love seeing you know OK doctor. -- which is an Australian film that comes out in April. And also for 44 and Abel Ferrara from 444 last -- on effect. Opens -- I I have seen this month my congratulations.

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{"id":15867915,"title":"Dafoe Dishes on New Sci-Fi Flick 'John Carter'","duration":"1:37","description":"Actor chats about playing a 9-foot-tall Martian in Disney's new blockbuster.","url":"/GMA/video/willem-dafoe-dishes-sci-fi-flick-john-carter-15867915","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}