William and Kate Break Tradition for Prince George's Christening

Details on the big day for royal family's latest addition, and a look at christenings of the past.
5:04 | 10/23/13

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Transcript for William and Kate Break Tradition for Prince George's Christening
that royal music, topping "the heat index" this morning. The royal christening being watched all over the world. Queen elizabeth, and three future kings, all gathering there. The royal chapel, st. James' palace. And amy robach has more on the newest member of the royal family. Reporter: For royal watchers, the wait is over. Today's christening will provide the first glimpse of prince george in two months. This is the first time we're going to see the queen, with three direct heirs to the throne. That's going to be a momentous image. Reporter: The chrisening will unfold at the chapel royal at st. James palace. Three decades prior, william was baptized in the music room at buckingham palace. It was at the wrong time of day. And william was crying. She actually stuck her finger in his mouth to keep him quiet. Reporter: Royal watchers predict, like diana, kate will demonstrate a keen maternal instinct at her son's christening. Kate is going to show us how proficient she is and how much in love with this baby she is. Reporter: William, like his brother, harry, and generations before, were christened in a gown originally commissioned by queen victoria, in the image of her own wedding gown. It was retired in 2004. But in a nod to tradition, george will be outfitted in a replica of the original. She had to dye it in tea. Reporter: And serving as the photographer, jason bell, best known for his edgy images of rock stars and hollywood actors. He's considered an unconventional pick. It's marking the way she wants to be seen, as a royal. A little bit different than the previous ones. Reporter: Arguably, the most anticipated photo will be the royal flush. Queen elizabeth, posing for the first time, with princes charles, william and george, britain's three future kings. Following the service, there will be a private tea. Guests will be served slices of christening cake, which is a tier taken from the wedding cake, made up of 17 fruitcakes. Much like my own wedding cake. Wow. Sounds delicious. A year -- a year-plus later. They put it in the freezer, right? I think so. Thankfully, tiny pieces. Let's go to the palace now. We're joined by victoria murphy. Thank you for joining us this morning, victoria. Let's get to theed ed god parents. Tell us more about this list. Good morning, everyone. Announced this morning, prince george's god parents. Who is going to guide him through his spiritual life as a royal. We were anticipating six. But prince george has been given seven god parents by his parents. And true to form, william and kate have shunned royal tradition, by using foreign royals and dignitaries. And they have gone, instead, for a mixture of their closest friends and their closest aides. They have chosen a childhood friend. A mutual university friend. A friend of williams' father and late mother. They have trusted aid, jamie pinkerton. And the only royal on the list, is william's cousin zara phillips. A few breaks from location to the photographer. How are they going down? Well, exactly. William and kate have true to form, decided not to go with royal tradition. A nod to tradition. They have having the christening at the chapel royal at st. James palace. They have not chosen a royal photographer. They have an edgy, celebrity photographer taking pictures. And I think the queen, the royal family, understands these decisions. The queen wants the royal family to remain relevant and have to move with the times. And she is happy for them to put their own modern twist on the christening. Victoria, george won't be the one to ask. Do we know what she's going to be wearing? Do we know -- you're right. I'm not going to ask. Do we know what kate will be wearing? Do we know what kate is going to be wearing? We know what george is going to be wearing. George is going to be wearing a traditional christening gown. However, the rest is on everyone's. What's kate going to be wearing? We will find out when she arrives for the christening. Around about 2:30 p.M. This afternoon. But we don't know yet, I'm afraid. They do keep some things secret. Victoria, thank you very much. It's an exciting day there. Next up on the "gma heat

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{"id":20655503,"title":"William and Kate Break Tradition for Prince George's Christening","duration":"5:04","description":"Details on the big day for royal family's latest addition, and a look at christenings of the past.","url":"/GMA/video/william-kate-break-tradition-prince-georges-christening-20655503","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}