William Levy Heats Up 'DWTS' Ballroom

Soap star in Mexico chats about his newfound fame after "DWTS" season premiere.
2:52 | 03/26/12

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Transcript for William Levy Heats Up 'DWTS' Ballroom
Definitely the star Simon the man who could be this year's break out star before last week's premiere -- here in the US and never heard of William -- -- -- big soap opera star in Mexico. -- -- on the Latin Brad Pitt and last week he wowed the judges and fans. -- sent our own soap and dancing star Tim Matheson out to learn a little more about this overnight sensation. And they find -- tonight quickstep William Levy and Cheryl Burke are still spinning from last week's show stopping performance. Ecstatic judges -- Even my job with the. I used to all -- Cheering the screams. Let's mark -- I think that I received all the love what I wasn't expecting receiving this kind of love in this market it was very beautiful moment. What's the craziest fan storing them. Fans get up and -- to go for -- and -- stage. Were it were alive doing the player and and those one of the -- singer for probably seen them coming. He's a former model -- -- a lot from Brad Pitt. Famous for Mexican soap operas and playing Jennifer Lopez's lover in the music city. Despite rumors William always insisted that this was a professional relationship. Yet today he dances around questions about his current -- Dating wanted to kind of woman who typically like. To the women of American general -- -- Well being resolved and a woman I think always need to be yourself and to -- very outgoing -- just be beautiful. But every woman is beautiful. Williams told me he hates rules loves basketball and fast food he dropped ten pounds rehearsing then gain to back. I'd like to hear a lot of Verizon -- And needs and she can. When you said things can change your voice of the -- you know you're like elected or rice grains meat and took effect because the the biggest lays -- lies about us like -- everything. I can tell me she's telling me it's. And never -- -- Cuba. -- -- Cuba near Havana is where William was born 31 years ago. As a teenager he emigrated to Miami a quiet skinny standout on the high school baseball team. But not so memorable in class. Cleveland avenue oh existed in Aspen hill club my name in every class and everybody will -- say -- he -- Huntsville he had been -- last year I really they called him got a scholarship at saint Thomas university in Miami but after freshman year. Good for baseball coach he's quitting school to model. What's the biggest misconception about you I don't know some people might be seeing that I am very. Talk I'm not -- off of them and I am sure I'm very very. Very funny is nothing funny you like -- comedian -- it comedians. -- -- -- -- kids how we can you have I have to I have a little boy he's six in the go go chiefs of fraud where where they -- them -- on an island. The little -- no effect will remove the -- Yes we'll. For -- really you really cool kids -- That is like you if they -- come -- to worry you know what's happening. I don't I can't explain. Tonight -- wouldn't get once again expect the ballroom jammed with screaming fans. Court -- the -- he tweeted that makes them feel like aggressive. You can do more push it. Before leaving his rehearsal I try to find out who was in better -- Ready about and didn't. Okay we'll -- you an autograph. I think William might be still doing pushups I'm -- -- out what I did. We talked to his College Baseball coaches several what it was nineteen he would -- his coaching said he wanted to quit school to become a model and his coach asked him. If you really thought that was good idea. Now pretty sure that it was generally the first job ever pay -- 12100 bucks they felt like a millionaire now. We've just got -- affairs journal -- was sure guys you're just being that you're just being a gentleman -- cam you can learn a lot more about William Levy all the dogs and cats and Good Morning America got. Come on -- -- live tonight on Dancing With The Stars at 8:7 central right here on. My brother -- Twitter party to tonight.

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{"id":16001849,"title":"William Levy Heats Up 'DWTS' Ballroom","duration":"2:52","description":"Soap star in Mexico chats about his newfound fame after \"DWTS\" season premiere.","url":"/GMA/video/william-levy-heats-dancing-stars-ballroom-16001849","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}