William Shatner Returns to Broadway, Alone

Critics praise actor's one-man show, "Shatner's World: We Just Live in It."
4:47 | 02/17/12

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Transcript for William Shatner Returns to Broadway, Alone
A new one man show opened on Broadway officially last night it has audiences already cheering after all. -- shed his world we just -- and that is right William Shatner telling us all about his life. In -- performs critics are already calling a must for Shatner fans which only means all of us William Shatner. Thank you so much thank you. Opening night on Broadway. And then -- so hard he -- how why wasn't. Well I'd love to say. Absorb respecting them. Got food -- yeah. So the lack of absorption was really good. Playing -- but we appreciate I've played hurt. And continue to -- I mean here I'm now back on Broadway. I'm not dressed like the movie -- guys -- -- -- grungy. New York back to. Yeah and shave in the end the OK you -- back -- probably this was amazing to me. The last time you -- here. Fifty. Years. I shot -- in 196250. Isn't isn't exaggerated. All of his news 50 things -- things got. It doesn't it was a -- somebody accidentally -- actually. That was forty years ago and I've. Regretted every moment look you got it all you have literally done -- also what needs you now wanna do a one mansion. I toured this show eaten in Australia. Some Austrians. Can do one man job -- illustrated. Nice trip -- -- storage room and they wanted another guy on the stage so I did that and got standing ovation tonight -- all of Australian that was Adam great. Of them one man show Canada -- so I took him from Vancouver to a month -- -- Ronald Reagan. -- great and these New York producer. Adam Epstein. And said he's asked me to do wouldn't in new York and thus began my nightmare. What you can imagine. I'm going to new York -- one man show is there any hurdle that's higher than oh lead what is believed. Where were you in the middle of the night to hold because -- -- -- they -- don't worry about it and what planet earth today. This is particularly daunting I have to imagine because it is in a way. A referendum. On one's own life how do you go out. Editing myself yes. Very difficult I need two nights. I -- I'd take some stories. And -- -- -- it is fine and I go to sleep that. 1011 of them up to one thinking about it -- week at five you know somebody said from five to seven god -- you -- it's not necessarily -- here. It's your conscious thing when he I don't let -- And I've been preoccupied for almost a year with this show with a nightmare. I go to sororities and the reviews -- -- Okay but the -- have been great and boy did they laughed and boy did they stand and share what they stood what is that energy exchange like for you it's humbling I. -- -- M near two years. Every time those people do that it is such a compliment I mean who knows that these guys don't have cramps and their -- and -- Greta. They rise up and they stretch their hamstrings and wonderful. I am so in -- and so grateful that there's this audience reaction. I'm I'm moved to tears few people inspired this sort of genuine love and affection. That you do and with all these different parts in your career. How is your relationship with your fans and they are innumerable how's it evolved. I don't know whether to -- I've always appreciated -- missing and we like you were gonna watch you. On Good Morning America and hopefully you know the little picture -- massive massive head injuries and there and they and they are there there the and I'm totally grateful. And then we are wrestling and monsters and again it's hard to believe. And I refuse to. That that is in fact the fact that. 81 years young next month is there anything remaining on the but this. I want a really good interview with -- -- You don't insult humor were -- them. But I don't really mean there's the -- doubtless yeah I really mean and how about it. How about 82 that's that that that the -- Google -- -- you know wanted to play Gilbert put. This is the end now 81 really solidifies the fact that carefully with 81 years old William Shatner again best of luck tonight -- it is. Obviously. World and we're all just living -- it well yeah she.

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{"id":15713276,"title":"William Shatner Returns to Broadway, Alone","duration":"4:47","description":"Critics praise actor's one-man show, \"Shatner's World: We Just Live in It.\"","url":"/GMA/video/william-shatner-returns-broadway-one-man-show-15713276","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}