Wilson Ramos Talks About His Rescue

Baseball player talks to the media about being held captive and getting rescued.
1:44 | 11/13/11

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Transcript for Wilson Ramos Talks About His Rescue
We are learning new details this morning -- the daring rescue of Major League Baseball player. Who was kidnapped in Venezuela Washington Nationals a catcher Wilson Ramos -- an exclusive interview to our sister network yes -- and talked about his. Terrifying ordeal. Here's ABC's Pierre Thomas. As -- shooting began with government commandos trying to free Wilson Ramos from his captors he huddled under his bed. Fearing for his life this -- -- I didn't know if I was coming home alive. The commandos have -- into remote mountainous location of Venezuela by helicopter. And then set out on what. Before surrounding the house holding lumps. It would have -- episode after these were people I don't know and they kill from mining to think about this -- my spirits go down. And I was where it also I do not wish that experience upon anyone. When the shooting ended thwart kidnappers and their accomplices had been arrested. Ramos had been held roughly fifty hours after being abducted from his mother's house at gunpoint. We -- -- -- more -- I have to be more careful on the streets I will continue working hard in my career. Well it. One of Major League baseball's most promising young talents -- almost became the highest profile symbol of growing epidemic of kidnapping for ransom -- didn't live with hundreds of but that's -- TT. Friday night Washington national fans gathered right here at the park. To pray for Ramos is release. This nightmare had a happy you. Thomas' family and his fans can now ex -- thank you for every team and I see this -- -- More Good Morning America -- Thomas ABC.

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{"id":14943681,"title":"Wilson Ramos Talks About His Rescue","duration":"1:44","description":"Baseball player talks to the media about being held captive and getting rescued.","url":"/GMA/video/wilson-ramos-talks-rescue-major-leauge-baseball-player-held-captive-gets-rescued-entertainment-14943681","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}