Wiltrina Jones Celebrates Losing 205 Pounds

ABC's "Extreme Makerover" personal trainer helps one woman share her story.
3:00 | 10/03/12

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Transcript for Wiltrina Jones Celebrates Losing 205 Pounds
That's going to be fun tomorrow. Now, an amazing transformation from our "erase the weight" series. Latrina jones had struggled with her weight. But she had a new future. Here's her story. As a kid, I always had weight on me. Even though I was in the marching band and I was a flag twirler, cheerleader, going to different parades, I still would come home and load up on the wrong food. We ate a lot of fast food. Reporter: Eventually, her weight skyrocketed, to 375 pounds. My mom did try to get me to lose weight. I would sneak food. Reporter: One day online she came across pictures of her former high school bandmates. They were fit and tone. They looked amazing. I asked myself how come they look like that and I look like this? And that made me want to change my life. I started this lifestyle change january 20th of 2011. Instead of hurting myself, i started helping myself. I'm trying to lose fat and build muscle. I'm trying to tone everything that I have. I used to get on a scale all the time. One thing I said when the numbers didn't move is, if i keep doing what I'm doing, it will eventually change. In life, you have so many people that give up on you. You can't give up on yourself. I want to teach people how to live healthier lifestyles. And if I can do it, absolutely, anybody in this world can do it. People see me today and they say, I don't remember you heavier. I do. I remember me. Okay. Everyone here ready? You want to see how much weight she lost? Let's roll it right there. The scale. Wait, wait. There he is. 205 pounds. You started this just last year. And 205 pounds. Yes, I did. Bring us back to that first moment when you said, I'm going to make this happen. You know, after looking at my friends from high school, and they were so fit and toned, and I looked at myself, and a tear rolled down my eyes. I wanted to know how they looked like that and I looked like this. And we're the same age. At that moment, something clicked. It was time to get healthy. It all felt harder to stick with that, through 205 pounds. Where did you continue to find the motivation? I dug deep. I dug deep. I was tired of being fat. And with god, I made it through. What was the hardest part for you? Hardest part was changing how I eat. The emotional eating. When you're sad, you eat. When you go and get something, you eat. When things don't work out, you eat. What clicked there? My thought process. In the way I prepared the food. I feel when you know better, you do better. Instead of eating fried foods, i started baking and broiling foods. Not using salt. Using mrs. Dash. Changing the way that I eat. We saw you working out there. You stuck to that, as well. I love to work out. Every day. Now, it's a full part of your life? It's habit. That's great. You look so great. We have a little surprise for you. Where is chris? You know chris powell? "Extreme weight loss." Oh, hi. I know you guys did not work together. But how proud of her are you? Oh, my gosh. You have no idea. You did it on your own. It's so incredible. Doesn't she look amazing? You are so beautiful. And look at those guns. Oh, my gosh. We have to do a posedown after this. You know that, right? Absolutely. What lessons can people draw from this story? Especially the emotional part. The moment of clarity you had, when you talked about and seeing your high school friends. And that moment when you said, you know what? It's going to change. I mean, that's so powerful. There's millions of people out there that are looking for that moment of clarity. Again, once they have it, though, the journey begins. But if you don't mind my asking, woo kept you motivated especially in the tough times? I had -- I'd stay on facebook. Looking at what they were doing in the transformation of their body. And I wanted that. I kept going. And I have people to continue to tell me how wonderful I look. And that keeps me going. You look wonderful, by the way. Thank you. Yes. Want to keep you going. One more question. If you had one thing to say to the millions of people out there who are too terrified to take that very first step, what would it be? If you can change your mind, you can change your body. I have people tell me they're afraid to walk around in a gym because they're the fat person. I was the fat person walking around in the gym. Now, I'm the fit person walking around in the gym. You are the model of a strong mind and strong body. Thank you for sharing that story. Chrihat a surprise, as well. And chris' book "choose to lose" is on sale right now. And find slimdown strategies on goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo!

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{"id":17383963,"title":"Wiltrina Jones Celebrates Losing 205 Pounds","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's \"Extreme Makerover\" personal trainer helps one woman share her story.","url":"/GMA/video/wiltrina-jones-celebrities-losing-205-pounds-chris-powell-17383963","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}