'Big Bang Theory' Star Says Wimbledon 'Like An Adult Disney World'

Lara Spencer goes behind the scenes at the world's oldest tennis tournament, and bumps into Emmy-winner Jim Parsons.
3:30 | 07/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Big Bang Theory' Star Says Wimbledon 'Like An Adult Disney World'
I want to show you the latest in tennis racket technology. This is by babylon, the official wimbledon racket. This is the kind that rafa Nadal uses. From the wooden racket, you can see that technology has come a long way. And here, the traditions, like the hats the all-white, the grass courts, they remain wholly intact. Welcome to wimbledon. Behind me, centre court, the holy grail for tennis lovers, like myself. 128 years of tradition make this tournament the only sporting event like it in the world. This is more than I can handle. I mean -- we ran into an American TV star looking for a big bang on centre court. When Emmy winner Jim parsons watched his friend, Bouchard, soar from tournament underdog to women's singles finalist. To be here it's like adult Disney world, as I can imagine. It's magical. It's beautiful. It's kind of perfection. Reporter: You don't have to be a big wig to get into wimbledon. When fans leave the all England club, many return their tickets here, to be resold, to hundreds of fans waiting in line. With all proceeds going to charity. Can't afford tickets to centre court? No problem. This is Henman hill. Otherwise known as Murray mound after last year's win by Andy. Anybody with ground passes can come and enjoy the matches and a pickness. And keep in centre court, the bunker. This is the only place where the commentators are on the court. Everywhere else, we're up in the boonies. Reporter: How is that for you to be sit right here? You can hear the atmosphere. You know? The electricity. And the hush. We can hear the hush. Reporter: From centre court to center of attention. We caught up with the two Americans who have the best chance of taking home the silver plate. You're about to play in the semifinals. What is the atmosphere for you here at wimbledon? This place is magical. So historic. So many great champions have been here. My mom played here in the '60s. It's the one tournament that gives you the goosebumps when you walk on the grounds. Reporter: The Bryan brothers will try to defend their title in doubles today. What's your strategy to take home another win? We're going to get all over the net. Attack the net as much as possible. And put the ball away. That's the secret sauce. Lots of luck. Go, brothers. The Americans, the Bryan brothers, are set to try to defend their title in the semifinals, just behind me at the number 1 court here at wimbledon. A glorious day here. And I will not come back without bringing you a present. Amy, this is for you. I promise, you can't miss this ball. You will hit it. You will play tennis with me. Lara, thank you very much. Enjoy the day. And come back home safely. You can catch the men's semifinals today on ESPN.

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{"id":24426541,"title":"'Big Bang Theory' Star Says Wimbledon 'Like An Adult Disney World'","duration":"3:30","description":"Lara Spencer goes behind the scenes at the world's oldest tennis tournament, and bumps into Emmy-winner Jim Parsons.","url":"/GMA/video/wimbledon-big-bang-theory-star-jim-parsons-lara-24426541","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}