Win a Photo Shoot With Anne Geddes

The Million Moms Challenge kicks off the Imagine Me and You contest.
3:17 | 11/28/11

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Transcript for Win a Photo Shoot With Anne Geddes
Every mom has big dreams for her newborn and now one lucky mother out there. We'll have a dream come trail as part of our million -- challenge ABC news is. Announcing it's a matching -- and you contest. Which has an amazing prize for you know it's really really cool and the best -- it is all for a great cause to check. And what do you -- when combined serenely sleeping newborns -- wild imagination. And healthy dose of fairy dust. He unmistakable matching the photographer -- -- Friend Good Morning America. 1999. So fast. It's really cut to find the -- is that the way I feel about that is since that and Getty has sold more than thirty million copies of books and calendars. -- -- inspired in agents. Her most recent work took her from babies to baby bump in the documentary and book -- images of the nine month journey. So what's next forget he's. News -- parents not sleeping. Just saying no I. But today she's saying -- senate contest called imagine. That's right -- be enough to be out there could win -- -- to Australia. More for a priceless photo session both agreed to do it appears official portrait sitting. Free money it's his -- TV viewers teams shouldn't. And -- sounding the alarm about an issue close to a heart the health of mothers and babies in the developing world. Different ninety -- around the world a woman dies -- pregnancy or child. And in 90% of the taxes the courses are entirely preventable. Channel every new going to get the chance to flesh and -- is joining ABC news. Million moms. It's really great stuff your woman is pregnant now would be to -- -- every -- get at them and thank. You're eligible for imagine me and you contests and down. You win this trip for two plus baby makes three to Austria I get your own photo -- with and Geddes copy of our partners at the EU and foundation had to give -- babies up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- so depending on nothing. I -- we've got examples of how you sure your belly as -- -- come -- our FaceBook page and we're gonna put that Florio. The FaceBook page rant here this is great FaceBook dot com million moms challenge and and so you want to upload pictures before December facts. Everyone watches and helped pick the winner. GM -- and Jimmy viewers won't vote you select finalists -- going to FaceBook dot com and the three finalists will be chosen and announced on our show on December 16. And then in January and -- will -- Who gets that winning ticket to Sydney and it. Right and everybody everybody staggering statistic 90%. Of the deaths of pregnant women. In -- around the world are preventable raise awareness is driven yup we raise awareness generate little money and -- just really nice contest.

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{"id":15039849,"title":"Win a Photo Shoot With Anne Geddes","duration":"3:17","description":"The Million Moms Challenge kicks off the Imagine Me and You contest.","url":"/GMA/video/win-photo-shoot-anne-geddes-15039849","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}