Wingman Daredevil Speaks About 200-Foot Crash

"The Birdman" speaks exclusively to ABC about his South African stunt gone wrong
0:49 | 02/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wingman Daredevil Speaks About 200-Foot Crash
We have been showing -- -- jaw dropping video of the daredevil who calls himself the burden and he made this. Death defying jump in South Africa look what happened right there was back in January hit the side of the mountain. Right now we just got this helmet cam footage to capture the -- -- crash. And after five weeks in the hospital Jeb Corliss is speaking to us exclusively. About what happened insisted -- through that again. George good morning to you he really thought he was gonna die so did the doctors wait to see the full clip of what this guy had to live through and wait until you hear. What he wants to do now. The -- starts with a warning that it may be disturbing to some viewers today and you see Jeb Corliss known as the bird man. Taking off in his specially made flying suit. As he's sits down the side of table mountain in South Africa -- 120 miles an hour. Everything seems to be going according to plan but then he approaches an outcropping of rock -- marked here by these helium balloons. And he missed judges it slamming the lower part of his body into the rocks. You can see him bounced off and -- tumbling through the air spiraling. And struggling to pull his emergency parachute. Finally landing in the bush -- look at it again -- -- still pictures you can see his body hitting the rocks. In an exclusive phone interview with -- ABC news Corliss said after impact he was convinced he could not survive it. So. One part of my brain is it going through this concept of like -- fly fly fly fly fly you know. Keep going keep going and then the other part of my brain was like one -- Why even pull at all but technically -- basically you're dead he. He was airlifted to the hospital -- broken bones throughout his legs. Where he has spent the last five weeks Corliss has become world famous through stunts -- diving off the Eiffel Tower the statue of Jesus in Rio. And sailing through this archway in the side of a mountain and China. His motivation he says a desired dating back to -- to fly. And a commitment to relentlessly facing his fears listened to his reaction when we asked if he was now going to quit. That -- you and I. But that that's that's what I lived for the only reason I'm getting better as the -- can jump again I mean that's that's that's what -- do you mean there's there's. There's absolutely nothing in this world with -- stop jumping. In fact he told us he's gonna keep jumping in -- -- for the rest of his life the only things that would stop him he says death. Or quadriplegic. Yes he's quite extreme concerns lucky he's not already quadriplegic he had a sense.

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{"id":15773721,"title":"Wingman Daredevil Speaks About 200-Foot Crash","duration":"0:49","description":"\"The Birdman\" speaks exclusively to ABC about his South African stunt gone wrong","url":"/GMA/video/wingman-daredevil-speaks-200-foot-crash-15773721","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}