Winningest Woman Goes for 'Jeopardy' Record

Julia Collins could tie the record for second-longest winning streak on the trivia show.
1:31 | 05/29/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Winningest Woman Goes for 'Jeopardy' Record
On the top of "The heat index" this morning. The winningest woman on "Jeopardy!" Tonight, Julia Collins is trying to tie the record for second-longest winning streak ever, behind only ken Jennings. And she spoke with ABC's Alex Perez. "Can't touch this." What is root beer. What is a kaleidoscope? Reporter: The answer, she's wracked up more wins than any other woman in "Jeopardy!" History. The question, who is Julia Collins? I can't be more excited. Reporter: $391,600 to be exact. A dream come true for a little girl who in her eighth grade yearbook, dreamed she would grow up to be a "Jeopardy!" Champ. I was a nerdy kid. Reporter: The 31-year-old made history when she won her 17th game Tuesday. And Wednesday, another big victory. $18,000. Reporter: Her winning streak, coming at the perfect time. She's been out of work since the beginning of the year. But it's clear she's no -- Slacker. Slacker. That's it. Reporter: Only former contestants ken Jennings and David madden have won more games than she has. You have women e-mailing saying they feel I have to have dumb themselves down. What do you say to them? If somebody says you're too smart, that's their problem. Reporter: Her strategy is being the first to hit that buzzer. Got to go for the gusto. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Alex Perez, ABC news, Chicago.

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{"id":23910031,"title":"Winningest Woman Goes for 'Jeopardy' Record","duration":"1:31","description":"Julia Collins could tie the record for second-longest winning streak on the trivia show.","url":"/GMA/video/winningest-woman-jeopardy-record-23910031","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}