Winter Blast Stretches From Dallas to New England

A winter weather alert is in effect in 24 states as about 90 million will be slammed by snow and ice.
3:28 | 03/05/15

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Transcript for Winter Blast Stretches From Dallas to New England
Now to that winter blast stretching from Dallas to new England this morning affecting more than 90 million Americans. School has been canceled for more than a million students. And more than 2,000 flights canceled already. Our extreme team, you know they're tracking it all and ginger starts us off in times square. Ginger. Right in times square where the flakes have become quite fat. We've got that snow globe effect and just transitioned to snow. Kentucky has more than 20 inches. The radar, Long Island will get some of the heavier totals but some of the heftiest south and west of us, frozen precipitation for 1500 miles. So many folks including those in Louisville under a winter storm warning and that's where we find our Alex Perez. Alex. Reporter: Hey, good morning, ginger. More than 1.5 million students home from school because of the weather. Here in Louisville they got more than 8 inches and once it started it seemed it would never stop. Overnight, across the midwest, more wptsz misery. We should be moving you. Reporter: In Illinois this semi lost control and ended up in the median. Whiteout conditions left wreck after wreck. Upstate New York icy roads led to this massive pileup. In Minnesota, a huge piece of ice came crashing through this windshield. The driver lucky to be alive. In Missouri, it wasn't the snow, but thrashing wind wreaking havoc. Melting snow making for mayhem. Look how Nast that is. Reporter: In West Virginia, this bridge washed away in just seconds. Chunks of ice filling rivers and in Ohio ice the size of mattresses ending up on the road and Dallas -- We were on the tarmac for about 3 1/2 hours. Reporter: -- Passengers fuming in forth worth after a few inches of snow left them stranded, their flight later canceled leaving them to seek shelter at the airport. And no relief for passengers just yet. Already more than 2400 flights canceled this morning and that number only expected to go up as the day goes on. Now let's go to rob Marciano who is in Philadelphia this morning. Hey, rob. Reporter: Hi, Alex. Flights canceled here in Philadelphia. But we come to you from the ABC news road cam at the base of the art museum steps here in Philadelphia. Take a look. Better known as the "Rocky" steps and Philadelphia will fight against mother nature. They have 350 plows and salt trucks at the ready. Look ahead and you can see that the roads here, the Ben franklin parkway is at least for now wet but the sides of the roads, the grassy area seeing snow accumulate. It was raining last night and couldn't pretreat. Salt after accumulation begins is the plan and 4 to 8 expected. They've only seen 4.8 for the entire year. They're probably get that today. Back to you in New York. Thanks, rob. So many people are doubling what they've already had this season. A lot of folks back to even Louisiana, Arkansas, talking about frozen precipitation. New Orleans this morning dropped almost 20 degrees in just 50 minutes. That's how powerful the cold front is. You can see those temperature differences. 70 in mobile. Jackson, Mississippi, 34. So you know it's happening. That cold air coming behind and that's going to be the frozen precipitation. It'll come not just as snow but ice and snow. The heaviest snow falling from Baltimore back to the west through West Virginia. I'm making a declaration because it's so cold, I'm wearing boots and leg warmers until it goes above 40, all right.

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{"duration":"3:28","description":"A winter weather alert is in effect in 24 states as about 90 million will be slammed by snow and ice.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"29405326","title":"Winter Blast Stretches From Dallas to New England","url":"/GMA/video/winter-blasts-stretches-dallas-england-29405326"}