Winter Heat Wave a Year After 'Snowmageddon'

Sam Champion reports on the unseasonably warm weather in 2012.
1:57 | 02/01/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Winter Heat Wave a Year After 'Snowmageddon'
Let's get to stand Kevin right now for -- record high temperatures across the nation right now look at all that weren't yet and -- on good morning everyone and everyone's talking about the heat but the more spectacular comparison is to look at last winter where 52% of the nation was covered or buried in snow. To this past January the January we just ended. Seven the record high temperatures smashed. It may -- winter but it feels more like spring. At least forty record highs over the past 2 days from the central plains all the way to the East Coast. Chicago experiencing its warmest winter in eighty years close to sixty degrees to -- -- Joplin Missouri hitting a record high of 66. Washington DC and Atlantic City, New Jersey also in the high sixties. February there should be in the forty it's unbelievable I feel like I'm in Florida today's temperatures twenty to 25 degrees warmer than normal on most of the East Coast. What a difference a year makes exactly last year Chicago's third biggest blizzard. Ever. -- went -- in Chicago are about 42 miles an hour. It -- -- -- -- -- they have to -- 35 miles an -- for three consecutive hours reducing the visibility to a quarter -- it looks like this storm. Has the power. She's in January yeah. Absolutely fantastic in fact over two thirds the US had temperatures over fifty degrees yesterday. And even with a cold front moving into the eastern US later this week temperatures will still be five to ten degrees above normal. And it's not over so if you were thinking that went to was gonna get here may be in two weeks we see some this Arctic air breaking opt out of here but here's the jet -- it's like a border or offense to -- the cold air and it's been brutally cold north of it but it has not been able to make -- stripped down to the south and stay there. Again we think there may be kind of an outbreak in in about two weeks but here's the temperatures -- national 63 -- and 75 New York City and Washington both above sixty degrees today.

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{"id":15487159,"title":"Winter Heat Wave a Year After 'Snowmageddon'","duration":"1:57","description":"Sam Champion reports on the unseasonably warm weather in 2012.","url":"/GMA/video/winter-heat-wave-year-snowmageddon-15487159","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}