5 Athletes to Watch at the 2014 Olympics

Amy Robach names the 5 athletes that should be on your radar this year.
3:00 | 02/05/14

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Transcript for 5 Athletes to Watch at the 2014 Olympics
American snowboarders are star Sean -- just announcing this morning he's withdrawing. From one of events saying there's too much risk of injury he's not the only -- We'll be out watching compete Amy. Is here with five contenders to watch it's hard to boil it down. To that -- -- leaving the top five there are still many obvious -- this -- hundreds but we have veteran American champions you know their names. And then he's hungry news stars who are hoping to shine in so -- -- you're just a few picks to bring home the gold. This -- teen USA is sending 230 world class -- house athletes to compete in the Olympic Games. So who should be on your radar. An injured wrist isn't going to keep 27 year old Shaun White on the slopes but this year you might not recognize the famous snowboarder -- recently jumped on his trademark online. -- helmet fits better or faster. Two time gold medal winner will compete in his signature -- -- event in the hope that standing atop the podium a third straight time. In 2006 lifelong -- around ten validity formal gold for Alpine ski. Validity unexpectedly left the games in 2010 empty handed. But this year he is back with a chance to go gold in four different races except for -- Long track speed -- Johnny Davis is heading into his fourth Olympic Games. Already the proud owner of two gold medals he's hoping to defend his title and bring home a certain kinds of good. -- The 31 year old Chicago native even have the cartoon character based on him. -- in Incredibles. But America's best bets aren't just events in women's figure skating perhaps the best chance for gold. -- a girl whose name seems destined for -- eighteen year old. -- -- told the Massachusetts native is known for her sophisticated spins and so. Other fans -- -- I can't believe I -- didn't back. -- whose twin sister is also a competitive figure skater Paul -- like juggling and designs are costumes and her mom. And don't forget to keep your eye on nineteen year old ski -- Sarah Hendrickson the same jumping at the agents that then. My -- her brother her. Coming I think of him these gains are the first Olympic Games that women are allowed to produce -- -- in the sports and -- isn't letting anyone slow her down when you're on the highway and moving and that's exactly the -- -- facts that I had with the wind and that's sixty davidians believe your entire body so it's an amazing feeling. -- -- -- -- -- and so you all don't feel left out on Friday I have something important and it means and how crowded teen USA will be wearing on you Ralph Lauren. All the US athletes be wearing these made in the USA on his hand fed to you pass thank you the goals that's right -- -- -- and Amy you or leaving later today for the Olympic Games and we know -- in the middle of treatment are wrong. We've worked it out with my doctors I had my third chemo treatment last week and then when I get back the next day boom I go for number four so cheap it's sandwiched right in between and they say it's mentally good for me to go. And Iranian welcoming -- I and you know they all have told me in and you -- you know and you write write write journal journal journal and so I have all of these things I'm writing in so. It seemed like the perfect combination plus I don't wanna be the only one of the table -- -- She walked into the club -- big CEO. Do good luck -- say they yeah he's well not drink the water. Great news this morning looking at that yellow miserable -- should be another bullet I want to -- if you're going to be very. They like me you.

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{"id":22373047,"title":"5 Athletes to Watch at the 2014 Olympics","duration":"3:00","description":"Amy Robach names the 5 athletes that should be on your radar this year. ","url":"/GMA/video/winter-olympics-2014-athletes-watch-year-22373047","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}