Countdown to Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremonies

Details about the ceremony, reportedly costing $1 million, are being kept under lock and key.
3:00 | 02/06/14

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Transcript for Countdown to Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremonies
Thanks, dad. Thank you, Mara. Final countdown to the olympics. In fact, some of the competition has started ahead of the opening ceremonies in sochi. Matt Gutman there for the entire spectacle. Good morning, Matt. Reporter: Good morning, George. The sprint before the games has already begun to get this glimmering stadium complex open and ready before the opening ceremony just tomorrow night. As late as yesterday we saw pictures of people spray painting the grass green, of course, all that attention and focus now shifting to the main event, the athletes. And they're off. Just hours ago, all three of team usa's snowboarders qualified for the men's slopestyle finals, even after America's highest flying snowboarder, Shaun white, grounded himself Wednesday. And bode miller dominated the downhill skiing to victory in practice. He's hoping to medal in his third olympics. The women are fighting for spots in the finals right now. Team figure skating slated for tonight. These qualifying events coming even before the opening ceremonies Friday at the glimmering olympic stadium. Security is tight. Painting the grass outside the stadium designed to look like a colossal faberge egg but the details about the ceremony in its nearly 1100 performers, that's virtually a state secret here. Only a few photos trickling out from Sunday's dress rehearsal. Expect firework, lots of them. ♪ Reporter: And rumor has it Russian pop duo tattoo, famous for suggestive lyrics will also be featured along with a famous Russian violinist, conductor and ballerina. And today they're already getting into it. Keri Herman, Darren Logan and I got to shake a leg with a bunch of cossacks. Nice hats. Just a few minutes ago the final planeload of American athletes landed and as you guys can see, the folks here, the athletes, just looking to have a good time and in that spirit, the Russian Federation has asked for a worldwide truce and end to all conflicts while the olympic games are going on. George, robin, the gang. Matt looks like he's ready to have a good time too. Okay, Matt. Thanks very much. Let's get the weather from

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{"id":22388633,"title":"Countdown to Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremonies","duration":"3:00","description":"Details about the ceremony, reportedly costing $1 million, are being kept under lock and key.","url":"/GMA/video/winter-olympics-2014-opening-ceremonies-reportedly-costing-million-22388633","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}