Is Sochi Ready for 2014 Winter Olympics?

Not all hotels in the Olympic host city are ready to accommodate the reporters pouring in.
3:00 | 02/03/14

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Transcript for Is Sochi Ready for 2014 Winter Olympics?
Now to problems popping up at the olympics. Thousands of reporters are pouring in. Not all of the hotels are ready to accommodate them. Hamish Macdonald has the latest. Good morning. Reporter: Robin, thank you so much. Always appreciate you taking an sbrooes many our welfare. I guarantee you, we're okay. But you're right. So much of the focus has been on security. The threat of terrorism in the leadup to the game. The reality is just days out, this purpose-built facility may not be built for purpose. Awarded to the city of sochi. Reporter: Russia was awarded the olympics seven years ago. This is sochi with just tour days to go. Cranes are swinging. We would welders are sparking. Motel rooms are not ready. These are the biggest winter games ever. 3,000 athletes, 88 nations. It's not clear this host city is even at the starting gate. Where athletes are hoping to lay their path to on limp irk glory, workers are laying paverers. Only 6 of 9 media hotels are fully functional. They promised a total of 40,000 new rooms, all up. Clearly this is well short of expectations. At least some of the U.S. Athletes are trying to put things in perspective. I don't anticipate us being in any more harm's way than going down a mountain on a bobsled. Reporter: The international olympic committee is publicly confident. There are some issues still to be solved just before the game. We hope that the situation will be solved in the next couple of days. Reporter: But the pictures tell a less convincing story. There's this unusual design flaw. Instead of the double luge, it's the double loo. Twin toilets are everywhere. They may be spacious. But there's not much room for modesty. You better go with a friend. Reporter: On a much more serious note, however, the focus from the Russian authorities is on security. We know that at least one olympic team has warned athletes against going into the city center in sochi. As well as that, we already know that two U.S. Warships are on the way toward the black sea. Just purely operational. They're there on stand by. Taking every precaution. Thank you very much. You better go with a friend. No friend is good enough for that. Some things I don't want to

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{"id":22343288,"title":"Is Sochi Ready for 2014 Winter Olympics?","duration":"3:00","description":"Not all hotels in the Olympic host city are ready to accommodate the reporters pouring in.","url":"/GMA/video/winter-olympics-2014-sochi-russia-ready-winter-games-22343288","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}