Warm Weather May Cause Problems in Sochi

Head of the Olympics says they are ready to bring in 'stored snow' if necessary.
3:00 | 02/11/14

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Transcript for Warm Weather May Cause Problems in Sochi
Now to the olympics. An exciting morning already with Devin Logan of the U.S. Taking the silver medal in women's ski slopestyle as we mentioned, let's get right to our "Gma" olympic headquarters in sochi. Amy robach, you know she's there at the olympics desk this morning for us. Good morning, Amy. Good morning, robin. It is such an exciting win for the U.S. Women in the first ski slopestyle event ever and you are all talking winter storms. We're talking warm temperatures. In fact, I just got back from olympic village and I had to take off my jacket because I was so hot. But we're hearing from the head of the sochi olympics just releasing a statement saying there is no need to bring in stored snow just yet. However, they say they are ready to do so if it becomes necessary. This morning it's not just the competition heating up in sochi, temperatures reaching up to 60 degrees warmer than Atlanta. One of the fastest times. Reporter: Those temps are causing big problems. The mogul course and downhill run now covered with dangerously soft snow. Ahead of the pace. Reporter: Way may have led to laurenne Ross' devastating crash overnighthalfpipe this morning's qualifying run is back on track after a training session last night caused organizers to temporarily postpone this morning's qualifying run that led athletes to complain of dangerous and slushy bumps on the normally flat pipe bottom. American snowboard er Hannah teter tweeting this "They've been having a tough time making it good. Practice days have been harsh." Even Shaun white says the pipe is disappointing and is antsy as he prepares to defend his title. I go up and down and excited and not excited. It's a lot of mixed feelings rolled up into one. Reporter: They canceled a training session for the women's downhill today. But the heat was no obstacle for team usa's Julia Mancuso who blazed past much of the competition in the women's super combineded alpine skiing taking home the bronze. Finally a photo finish faux pas in men's speed skating. Jan smeekens thinking he won gold but then a time adjustment knocking off 0.001 seconds behind his teammate Michel Mulder. Today we will see the first olympic ski jumps by women, the biggest hope for a U.S. Medal is Sarah Hendrickson who tweeted this morning "Three women ski jumpers will walk away with medals today but 27 others helped make is tri and that's what we have to be proud of." Great olympic spirit there and in a heartwarming moment we are all talking about take a look at this video of Canadian Alexandre Bilodeau who took gold. There was one person he wanted to celebrate with. That was his older brother Frederick who suffers from cerebral palsy. He said of Frederick, he has dreams like you and I but can't go after most of those dreams. I have the ability that I can go after those dreams and out of respect for him, I go after them. What a tremendous story. Robin. Oh, it was, Amy. Thank you. We were just saying we were all sobbing on our couches last night seeing the profile of those brothers, oh. Frederick, his older brother has now become a star after his brother won gold in 2010 and became a star in Canada as an

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Head of the Olympics says they are ready to bring in 'stored snow' if necessary. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22458955","title":"Warm Weather May Cause Problems in Sochi","url":"/GMA/video/winter-olympics-2014-warm-weather-problems-sochi-22458955"}