Winter Storm Strikes Right Before Spring

Snow covered the North and a storm rattled the South days before the start of spring.
3:19 | 03/19/13

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Transcript for Winter Storm Strikes Right Before Spring
Winters -- blast snow and ice landing so much the country Reuters. -- only winter's last blast because spring starts tomorrow. -- believe -- not but it's hard to find on the maps let's show you. Just how much the eastern entire eastern coast to the country enveloped in this storm system the northern line getting -- -- from the Great Lakes and the midwest at the -- -- -- -- to two feet. In the mountains of New England all the way in the deep south the storm reports are coming in more than 360. Star report most of them big. Big hail stones at some powerful gusty winds. These -- the pictures that are coming out of Mississippi -- let's show you the last few placed to be picking up some snow early this morning from northern New York stayed on into Burlington -- getting some the entire state of Massachusetts. Roads were a mess -- at New York shows last night before most of this turned over arraignment as we said one or two places are still getting some snow out of this. And one of them is that northern border of Massachusetts are changes he is right there good morning ginger. Pay good money to his damage still snowing here and we've got about six inches of fresh -- fluffy snow this -- almost like say hand and it's very powdery. Something maybe you'd want to ski on but it's all over bush is of course -- he said an absolute disaster remember this part of the country. Has -- seen more than doubled their annual average that's 100 inches of snow not a 106. Overnight the latest winter blast sent cars sliding on icy roads in the north. And blue -- clearer overpasses in itself nearly half the country is suffering with a brutal mixed bag. Snow sleet hail and severe whipping wind. -- march and feels no way you. Like his number and -- always. This morning nearly 300000. Customers in Alabama and Georgia are without power trees crashed on houses and power lines. That downed power lines. In the southeast hammering winds some as high as fifteen miles per hour and tennis ball sized hail pounded cities from Atlanta back to Mississippi gulf war the work pale -- I've ever seen. Hail shattered windshields in Jackson. And New York black guy said his car into a tree killing the driver -- -- plowed roads halted bus service and slow traffic. This -- bad I -- -- back ten miles an hour class design and but -- -- stay safe and. -- highways and blinding snow means school is closed -- across Massachusetts this morning. Our friends in Boston had less than ten inches of snow last year this year will end up with more than sixteen cents Sam I say. That film groundhog guys did not -- nothing nothing. -- second -- many people were asking me what bill says that well that'll teach. That'll -- -- -- -- did you thank you so much and it was difficult to get where you -- this morning because you're traveling all night in the bad weather to get there so to behind all of that snow is -- -- be an awful lot of cold air and with this we're already seeing these numbers these wind -- like to below are right around two degrees in Chicago eight below in Minneapolis Detroit coming in at fourteen to this cold air assault -- plays and guys I don't wanna be the one to say this but I don't I don't -- to -- But the forecast models are saying by Monday in the next week we may have another winter like storm. In the same direction even though it's fully spring -- Robbins so blame it on the ground hugged Terry and Saturday night -- you bet thanks them.

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{"id":18761899,"title":"Winter Storm Strikes Right Before Spring","duration":"3:19","description":"Snow covered the North and a storm rattled the South days before the start of spring.","url":"/GMA/video/winter-storm-march-2013-snow-hail-strikes-spring-18761899","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}