Winter Storm Targets Southeast

Storm creates dangerous conditions, trapping people inside stranded cars on frozen highways.
3:00 | 01/29/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Winter Storm Targets Southeast
That winter weather, dangerous ice, snowstorm now paralyzing an entire region of the country. Ginger zee starts us off here in New York where the back half of that storm is still bringing snow to the east coast. Good morning there, ginger. Good morning. Reaching all the way up here, a little light trace of snow but put 2.3 inches in Atlanta, that's almost that they get all year and you're going to have major issues. Let me snow you what'shaing with the storm to give you an idea of how we'll see it pull away from the east coast, South Carolina, North Carolina still seeing it but here's the problem. Even tonight into early tomorrow morning right along the Georgia and Florida state line, Jacksonville still has a winter storm watch until tomorrow morning. So you could see some icing right along the coast and that's something we don't want to forget. Drier and cooler behind but, boy, what Kay yogs we've had in so many southern states including North Carolina where we find our Steve osunsami. Good morning, Steve. Reporter: Good morning, ginger. We're in Greenville, north Carolina, governors across the south declaring states of emergency. Very little winter equipment to deal with this. New Orleans has one snowplow. This city only has three. This morning, the brutal cold, snow and ice are paralyzing the south. Traffic in central Alabama going nowhere. Overnight the highways turned into parking lots. Hundreds of abandoned vehicles still on the freeways this morning. It is not moving at all. It's at a complete standstill. Reporter: This woman said it's a wrap, left their cars and walked back to their office. People are blocking the intersection and getting out of their cars and walking. Reporter: It was so bad people were spending the night in grocery stores. In Atlanta, sheer chaos, the roads were solid sheets of ice. Cars flying right and left. And when night fell, brake lights as far as the eye can see. There will be a lot sleeping this their cars. Reporter: The highways so congested it was nearly impossible for Saul trucks to salt the problem and tow trucks couldn't get to the wrecked vehicles. This is absolutely positively ludicrous. Reporter: These children from a day care van had to be escorted to safety by police. People are stranded. They're running out of gas. Stores that are open for 24 hours, they're claiming they're out of food. People have nowhere to go. Reporter: For anyone lucky enough to keep moving what was a 20-minute commute lasted in some cases for ten miserable hours and some are still stuck. This school bus outside Asheville, North Carolina, flipped on its side. A teenager had to be hospitalized. Real scary because the whole bus tipped over and I was sitting in the seat on the other side and just kind of flew to the other side. Reporter: People aren't going anywhere this morning. Underneath the snow is nothing but ice. The airports as around the region and cancellations and delays. More than a thousand flights and nearly 2700 delayed. Robin.

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{"id":22279322,"title":"Winter Storm Targets Southeast","duration":"3:00","description":"Storm creates dangerous conditions, trapping people inside stranded cars on frozen highways.","url":"/GMA/video/winter-storm-targets-southeast-22279322","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}