Freezing Temperatures Grip the Nation

Sam Champion reports on the winter blast blowing in with no end in sight.
2:47 | 01/23/13

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Transcript for Freezing Temperatures Grip the Nation
First, sam has the latest on the deadly winter weather. The extreme weather team, led by sam, is tracking it all. What does it feel like out there? It's 11 in times square. The wind chill is below dee roe. A shift in the arctic haair is pushing true polar air. The entire east coast, you get a shot of real polar air. Frigid temperatures creating dangerous conditions for areas that haven't felt the extreme chill in years. Aecast high of 19 in new york city today, the first time it stays below 20 in four years. In indianapolis, cold creating problems. This house became an inferno after the owner tried to warm it using an oven. She escaped with her two children. Hundreds of reports of homes without water in michigan. It must have froze fast. We can't do anything. Reporter: Concerns of frostbite spread east today. Schools starting late or staying closed. In temperatures like this, it doesn't take a whole lot to get frostbite. Reporter: Overnight, temperatures below zero into the northeast. You can see the vapor rising off lake superior. It's like needles sticking in your face. Reporter: And this morning, expect widespread travel tubls with cold air. In the twin cities, aaa says it's gotten 1,000 calls for weather-related dead batteries and flat tires. Expect more of that. The tempe north of the border are colder than those at the north pole. Southern canada, temperatures really at 30 below. The lake-effect snow machine is turned on. Some of the snow is headed east. Some of the snow belt cities have ft of snow. Good morning, gio. Reporter: Sam, the temperature 3 degrees. Parts of fullton slammed with up to five feet of snow. We did an experiment we saw on youtube. We dunked a t-shirt underwater. Take a look. It took less than ten minutes for it to completely freeze over here in central new york. Clearly, it's very, very cold here in fulton. Sam? The best cold air stunt i have seen so far this year is the frozen t-shirt sideways. This air doesn't go away. This is the worst part of it. The temperatures do get milder. Believe it or not, places like new york city will stay below freezing until monday. Not getting above freezing, george and amy, until monday into tuesday.

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{"id":18290917,"title":"Freezing Temperatures Grip the Nation","duration":"2:47","description":"Sam Champion reports on the winter blast blowing in with no end in sight.","url":"/GMA/video/winter-weather-freezing-temperatures-grip-nation-18290917","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}