Winter Weather Makes a Comeback

Freezing weather is sweeping the Northeast and into to the deep South.
1:27 | 02/11/12

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Transcript for Winter Weather Makes a Comeback
-- roaring back and icy Arctic blast is moving in freezing out some eighty million Americans from the northeast the midwest and all the way to the deep south. Our meteorologist ginger -- is outside in a very -- Times Square with the latest ginger sort of spitting snow slash rain this morning. I'd say spitting as the best where it's going to be more of an umbrella type of store number is -- shovel type of storm for much of the northeast but the cold. Hasn't even really started yet here. It has however in the midwest and that's where they had -- chilly start with -- L out of Michigan this is mid Michigan. Close to Midland I 75 when a major highways there shot down sixty. Plus vehicles. In a big accident and there -- many accidents throughout the midwest Chicago had snow flows to rush hour. It was just beauty really ugly how much more snow will fall let's look at the snow totals. The -- -- -- -- -- some of the heavier stuff anything higher elevation along the East Coast going to pick up more in the way of snow but again the headline this weekend. Cold and Chicago this morning a -- ten they will rival some of the coldest air that we have seen the entire winter. The wind chills are well below that is well and the biggest story coming out tomorrow morning will be the deep freeze. -- warnings advisories all about the gulf states into northern and Central Florida sell lots to talk about the way of cold and of course you want to know when -- -- and and I have those details coming up.

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{"id":15561662,"title":"Winter Weather Makes a Comeback","duration":"1:27","description":"Freezing weather is sweeping the Northeast and into to the deep South. ","url":"/GMA/video/winter-weather-makes-comeback-15561662","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}