Wintry mix brings snow, ice across the US

Over 400 crashes have been reported in the Houston area alone as the winter blast brings dangerous road conditions from Texas to Maine.
2:10 | 01/17/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wintry mix brings snow, ice across the US
That powerful storm stretching from the gulf coast to northeast. States of emergency as far south as Georgia. The airport in Atlanta, hundreds of flights canceled or delayed there and the roads in the northeast are already messy. ABC's Linzie Janis is on the road in northern New Jersey, morristown where I used to do training camp. Good morning, Linzie. Reporter: That's right, good morning, Michael. Millions across the country battling treacherous road conditions and states of emergencies declared in Alabama, North Carolina and Georgia and here in the northeast as you can see the storm bearing down making for a slippery and dangerous morning commute. This was the scene for travelers across the country Tuesday. Watch out. Reporter: A semi sliding out of control before slamming into a light post. And near Houston, one crash reported when another truck careens down the same embankment. From Texas to Maine, dangerous driving conditions wreaking havoc. Freeways littered with accidents. Over 400 crashes in Houston alone. Overnight highways backed up for miles and entire interstates shut down as the south plunges into a deep freeze. It's terribly frustrating. I don't even really know where I am at the moment. Reporter: In the north ice yammed rivers swamping roads even flooding entire neighborhoods. Please stay off the roads. Please stay off the roads. Reporter: This morning, conditions for air travel no better. More than 1500 flights already canceled and thousands more delayed as this winter weather barrels through the mid-atlantic states. We're preparing now and we want to urge everyone to do the same. Reporter: This morning, the impact on travel is just huge. Atlanta's Hartsfield airport at a near standstill. You have schools all across the state of Alabama closed. Dozens of school closures and delays in the New York and new Jersey area and it is all because of these road conditions. Authorities just do not want you out on the roads unless you have to be. Thank you. You be careful yourself.

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{"duration":"2:10","description":"Over 400 crashes have been reported in the Houston area alone as the winter blast brings dangerous road conditions from Texas to Maine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52400497","title":"Wintry mix brings snow, ice across the US","url":"/GMA/video/wintry-mix-brings-snow-ice-us-52400497"}