When Wolfgang Puck Hit Rock Bottom

Celeb chef says he considered suicide as a teen when told he was 'good for nothing'.
3:00 | 02/24/14

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Transcript for When Wolfgang Puck Hit Rock Bottom
So a lot of people would be surprised. To get up leaking air restaurant and -- they. You're back here making it -- think you've moved on from. The kitchen why do you know what I'm -- step -- that -- had taught -- to enough to -- at a market go to bed at Falmouth market that -- pitching market added up. And I think of me that's really my passion I don't believe that I don't you think -- -- up by the I use this -- Your first job you were fourteen years old he started in your Christensen and am -- hearing this -- you were fired from us. My mother found me a job fifty miles away it -- what candidates and upfront. So -- -- -- might let us okay its been my grandmother at the -- up what's -- what's cried a little boy outlets like that I -- -- leaving. And then my father told me you know you'll but found nothing in and -- you're gonna be back home crying for money I said I'm never coming home. And so -- go down I stopped -- I didn't -- with peeling potatoes template but data from this bill would war by the levels or. And what sounded like him months -- -- into -- we run out of what they doesn't mice but data sent them to step that they had told me an -- Field but for now thing you can even do that potato -- -- -- home. I said I -- the home. So that was quoted at no point of my life anyway because I -- -- -- that -- that what's the big -- -- sort of found. And economic without something. And I thought what an ally thinking about how it's gonna be revealed that everything. So IA I said okay -- an apple back home. Back to -- what -- that the -- And we'll -- on maybe he was drunk maybe you forgot about it. So I go back and death threat is so what's ahead of me was so -- to death so he didn't have to be but paid us -- six months. He -- -- down in the individual there was like what two weeks and I was feeling and cleaning stop and then when they'd accept him now. Instead of what literally -- the dual meets that goal whatever. And I have what I cannot go home you know -- it's impossible -- them -- home within about leaving. They -- was -- does -- again on -- independence in this their lives and partly because they know what to do. Because don't know that without don't know the outcome says he explained and destroyed it by at me. And I told him you know I am not leaving I'm going home so then don't I had that -- Mob beat David Diaz -- and sent me to an out of what they own in the same city and Alice Moore looked out of debt they had that woman's death. Fool really looked up the -- and saw that could -- us up all lovely and she was nice the major ports in the morning that I had my best. And should podium Illinois doing while -- is -- way out. And I think he -- had to vote to -- Cooking school also plus refunds and I had or eight rates and then I told that the deal it was so that's the end than -- what's accept that that they're like. You you know you spent all this time all these years but it's probably celebrity's sister and -- amazing movie that seems to me you have the lights it should be on the big screen. Here I don't know I didn't think -- enough though about the guys -- an -- so we don't know about Evans you know. People at this -- people if they had a cap on it laudable thing is that kids stayed in the picture. At that my book -- affidavit states and.

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{"id":22655721,"title":"When Wolfgang Puck Hit Rock Bottom","duration":"3:00","description":"Celeb chef says he considered suicide as a teen when told he was 'good for nothing'.","url":"/GMA/video/wolfgang-puck-hit-rock-bottom-22655721","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}