Woman Accused of Stalking Alec Baldwin Held in Contempt

Genevieve Sabourin's behavior results in judge sentencing her to 30 days in jail.
4:16 | 11/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman Accused of Stalking Alec Baldwin Held in Contempt
I am tired and is in new York -- this is an ABC news digital special report another twist -- the already strange case of Alec Baldwin and the Canadian actress accused of stalking him. Action against Hebron has been sentenced to thirty days in jail after yet another courtroom outburst. We're joined now from outside of Manhattan courthouse by WBZ's -- -- -- hello Lisa. What can you tell us about -- -- -- Late anti it was really interesting because it wasn't just one outburst she just could not stop talking and the judge finally had enough he had really no choice but to holder in contempt -- -- prosecution. Rested its case a short time ago and now it's time for -- -- of severing to tell -- the story she's honesty and right now but the judge already had to take action against this generally defendant. John -- several red marched into court ready to defend herself against charges of stalking Alec Baldwin and his wife and -- area. I -- victims and they want. Absolutely. As somebody loses power and -- to myself because we like to life is in order to maintain more than one relationship. And the same time. And it's on his bed I have no power over something so welcome and business quickly and fairly. Court officers tried to get her into the building crew's immediate crash. -- Right now -- helping you know he's in this building any media. The courtroom theatrics begin immediately reject Robert -- a -- holding separate in contempt of court. Sentencing her to thirty days in jail because of her frequent outbursts she began to cry saying I am not a criminal I would never hurt anyone. I am stressed I have been vilified in the press. Judge Robert -- -- Bob said you are not permitted to screen out loud in court I have warned you repeatedly. Severance accused of 23 counts of harassment one count of stalking. Now prosecutors called a Baldwin's doorman to the stand he testified about an incident in April 2012 -- showed up. Trying to see Alec Baldwin the -- would not let her upstairs and I will call up first when he did -- answered the phone and said she was going to call police. John -- -- has this ever and actually got quite upset about that getting very upset calling Lari a bunch of names very negative names. Right now she is honest and testifying but it's certainly going to be plenty of fireworks throughout the afternoon back to -- -- Aren't anything interesting that even before -- verdict is settled in this case is clearly in the middle of the proceedings. She is sentenced to thirty days and expect that you'll actually have to do that jail time -- is there's some sort of in a good behavior clause -- all. The judge was really irritated I don't think he's going to -- on that he was very firm he gave her a lot of opportunities kept warning her repeatedly. To be quiet that he -- holder in contempt she just would not stop so she's still in court obviously she's testifying right now even after he made that contempt really he stated the defense table she's crying quite -- very upset. But it looks like he means he means business. There is some other surprising moments today -- and telling the court that -- -- was. Film producer Marty Bregman mistress. So who is pregnant how is -- relevant to the case. Well the prosecution was going to call -- he was on the initial witness list and then they chose not to call -- to what the defense did they made a motion today. Asking for a missing witness -- clause -- missing witness issue about it saying that. Basically. If he's not college you have to assume that what he would say would be against the prosecution's case -- is still unknown why the defense didn't Colin because apparently. They would like for him to talk about what his relationship was with separate and how he met balding and -- have a whole relation to the hold. Instead of how they all mad but at this point he's not be called as a witness but it certainly was brought up today -- and now the defense is already asking for dismissal citing lack of evidence how likely is that this way the catch. The judge really just dismissed as -- go ahead and present your case the prosecution has rested now the defense the defense really only has one witness. That's ever and -- stops we'll see how she does on the stand. All right statements that aren't on stand right now a deadly ABC's Lisa Kelly Preston from outside the courthouse in Manhattan thank you so much for joining us.

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{"id":20877274,"title":"Woman Accused of Stalking Alec Baldwin Held in Contempt","duration":"4:16","description":"Genevieve Sabourin's behavior results in judge sentencing her to 30 days in jail.","url":"/GMA/video/woman-accused-stalking-alec-baldwin-held-contempt-20877274","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}